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To share their decisions with family members as well so they may not be taken back by that decision for Mayo Clinic radio I'm Dennis still at this is ground with Julie pace if he's Washington bureau chief we struck me about Harris said she had so much potential that's you kept hearing from all of the potential is interesting I like senator here is that I'm not sure she can win original unbiased news you need as America prepares for the twenty twenty election listen and subscribe to ground free the Westwood One podcast network where the conversation start three this is the first in showing KGO eight ten you can now listen at all by simply saying Google play KGO eight ten now here's Pat Thursday I was thinking about you guys yesterday well I've been here three times before I think I understand a little bit how you feel about something normal business I feel about some of the things that I don't give a damn how you feel about some of the things anyway I try to put myself in your place and I believe this is the way that I would feel about us and what you've been to me sixty three I along the pool was as aid every angel views my guest is professor William Drummond he is a journalism professor at UC Berkeley and he is also I I don't even know what your role is at the San.

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