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Focus remains on safety learn more at no fear dentist dot com slash patient safety we have a chance of scattered evening storms that could be on the stronger side with gusty wind and hail otherwise mostly cloudy tonight low sixty Sunday partly cloudy with an isolated but the one your weather station I nine first warning meteorologist sherry Hughes newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. right now we have eighty two degrees in Cincinnati and radar shows us that we do have those showers moving into southeast Indiana heavier rain in the Mount Carmel area of southeast Indiana and blooming Grove Metamora Brooksville going to see some pretty heavy rain here very soon and it's all of course moving toward southwest Ohio and right now we have eighty two degrees in Cincinnati Arkansas governor Aissa Hutchinson saying today that his state is going through a second wave of covert nineteen infections Latin American now becoming a hot spot for covered nineteen were cases are surging in the region's two largest countries Mexico and Brazil A. B. C. senior foreign correspondent Ian Pannell is in Mexico City Mexico we're seeing record numbers of cases in fact we've just seen the highest number of deaths being reported but some controversy over that tally with some suggestions by an independent research group the the real number could be as many as three times higher this last week we visited two crematoria is to deal with four to five bodies a date now they dealing with as many as twenty five they're operating twenty four hours a day seven days a week and still there is a backlog the NBA has entered into an exploratory conversation with the Walt Disney company about restarting the remainder of its season at Disney's ESPN wide world of sports complex.

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