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Today's show for the last three hours you've been listening to the back of the country on W RTFM nine point now in Madison. Marion Marshall with the BBC news. The government is relying Kerr has acknowledged major lapses over its failure to prevent a series of suicide bombings on Sunday, Selena president has asked his Defense Secretary and police chief to resign over the failure to pass on intelligence about the attack which killed more than three hundred fifty people. Nick beak has more one man who remains in post is the deputy defence minister much of the new information we've received today has come from a press conference. He gave earlier he was talking about your thirties having identified eight out of the nine bombers, he said that one of the bombers was in fact woman, and that one man studied in the United Kingdom for time before going to Australia. So we are getting bit more information coming through the United Nations. High Commissioner of human rights has condemned. The execution of thirty seven men in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday and called on the kingdom to hall. All pending executions. Michelle Bachelet said the UN had heard that confessions had been obtained under torture and she again expressed concern about due process in Saudi Arabia. Spokeswoman Ravina Chamdo Sanni said some of those executed with children. We had concerns about confessions that had been extracted through torture. We had concerns that the due process and the fair trial rights of individuals had not been respected, and in at least three cases the individuals who were executed yesterday were sentenced to death when they were minors, and this is completely unacceptable in international human rights law. So we utterly condemn the executions carried out yesterday by Saudi Arabia the ongoing Ukrainian president, petro para shaneco says. Redeem Putin's move too fast track Russian citizenship by issuing passports for some residents in eastern Ukraine crosses red lines and blatantly torpedoes, the peace process in the dawn. Bas large parts of the two regions bordering Russia break away from the. Government in Kiev in two thousand fourteen Jona Fisher reports Russia has yet to congratulate Ukraine's next president flood AMIS Alinsky on his election win and this decree is confirmation that there will be new honeymoon period. By granting the residents of Lonski and dinette an accelerated path of Russian citizenship. Finding Putin is making it that much harder for the two self-declared republics in eastern Ukraine to ever return to kids control, scientists in the United States say the developed brain implant that can read people's minds antenna thoughts into speech, the electrode can pick up the signals that control the lips tongue voice box and jaw when it's implanted in the brain, a computer simulation is then used to transform these mouth movements into words, scientists describe the possibilities as exhilarating. They want to see if it can work on patients who've lost their voice and even on those who've never been able to talk. You're listening to the latest work. World news from the BBC. British man, accused of helping to plan terrorist attacks in Kenya has been found guilty of possession of bomb-making materials. The magistrate in Mombassa acquitted him of conspiracy to commit a felony Jemaine ground from east London was arrested in twenty eleven and as ready serving a nine year sentence. The forging documents in an attempt to obtain Kenyan citizenship prosecutors argued that he'd planned bombing campaign against hotels popular with foreign tourists. Thousands of indigenous people in Brazil have camped outside the congress building in Brasilia to protest against illegal mining in their reserves that demanding demarcation their ancestor lands. The event is held annually in the Brazilian capital. By the government's decision to deploy federal security forces and riot police at the meeting has heightened tensions indigenous leaders say president jabot scenario is undermining their rights the World Health Organization has produced its first guidelines on daily physical activity levels, the babies and toddlers amid growing concerns over childhood obesity rates the guidelines focus in particular on the impact of children passively watching TV and other screams. Richard Galvin reports the guidelines of children under the age of five and the concerns about the growing number of youngsters around the world who are overweight or obese the World Health Organization says children under the age of two should not have any screen time. A toll unless it involves playing a physically active game while two to four year olds can have up to an hour, but the less the better it also gives precise advice about the amount of physical activity each age group should have every day and the amount of sleep to dip growers in the Netherlands have been erecting barriers and banners around fields to try to prevent tourists from crushing their blooms. Visitors have been seen jumping about the tulips to secure the perfect selfie BBC. News. Frequently radio. On the ground. Doc helicopters. Good afternoon, Madison. I'm your host Ali Malraux. And you are listening to a public affair on eighty nine point nine W O RT. Thank you so much for joining us today. I am in studio with former school board president, James Howard, and my predecessor. So the former school board member in four James. Thank you so much for being here today. How are you? Just great. It's a pleasure to be here. Great to be able to speak and not be aboard member. So now, I feel very relaxed. And able to talk about the number of topics that probably would wouldn't have been willing to talk about before. So this is new and exciting. All right. Well, we're ready for you to cut loose. Although I am in the opposite position. So I appreciate your your sense of Tani in this moment and also your service, right? You spent nine years representing our community on the Madison public school board. Looking at those nine years. Let's let's start from the beginning. Why did you decide to run for school board James well, first of all had kids in Madison schools at that time? I had three kids to graduate from Edison schools and over the last nine years ahead to that was in the schools my last and youngest graduated a year ago. So that was one of the reasons why thought about Renfrew school board. Another reason was that I thought that I could bring perspective to this community and the schools that I didn't think was on the board at the time. And I done a lot of work in the community. I had served on various task forces at work with schools, especially kids been working with kids Madison over thirty years of more in various ways through various youth programs, or what have you, and I just thought that with my background and upbringing. Professional background in terms of my my actual real job that I thought I could bring something to the boys from expertise, and some some just real life experiences that the board I thought could benefit from. So that was really the reason why Iran and look back on it and feel good about it. What do you wish somebody would have told you getting into what do you wish you know, when you when you decided to to run as there anything you wish somebody had sat you down and said to you about how the board works about what you're going to be capable of accomplishing on the board. You know, I have been thinking about that. And I've found that to be very difficult because the work of the board is forever changing. It's no playbook, for example, you know, next month. This will happen. This will happen. In fact, I think that any person that's going around for the board. What would be the best place for them to be? To spec the unexpected there things that pop up all the time that you have to deal with as a board member, and there's just no yellow brick road. And think that there's certain things that are. Taken as a given, for example, as a board member, you have responsibility to over over funds. But and so that's one of your primary functions. And so those are the types of things that are standard that you have to do year after year. But a lot of the things that you have to deal with things that pop up in the community things that I think remember van million, Nikki, actually, summed it up pretty well when she talked about the board's role in how many people in the community always come to the board with issues that we really don't have anything to do it. So. So maybe if there is anything it would be that. I wish I Renault that so many people in our community. No, not as much they should know about how the board actually function the rolls. Absolutely. But you can't minimize the role of the board. The Bullard has a say on every single cent. We spent every single sent one could say one could say that. Although, you know, you can make a broad statement say that. Yes, the board a role budgets, but you're absolutely right. The, but it really controls everything budget is a statement of your priorities. What's important to you? As a district. It's a moral document. Yes. Indeed. So so an arson. Yes. Large since. Yes, we have one of the things we do. But but in the greatest sense is that we do everything. So they're decisions that we don't have a hand in those are ministry of decisions, for example higher. We can affect higher in a way through appropriations but for every single higher in the district. We really don't do that minister function. Yeah. So what surprise you while you are on the board? I don't know that I really had many surprises when I look back over my tenure my nine year tenure. I don't know that I had miniature prizes. I think that the board work for me was I think for the most part is pretty consistent. The last year probably the most well one of the most tumultuous years. I mean had nine years I've been through a few situations that were really controversial or really a lot of community involvement. For example. I was around when we worked Madison, for example, and that was really contentious with the community. Did you expect it to be that level of of debate? Well, you never know the level of debate that's going to occur. But anytime you deal with issues, and then the issues bring out certain conversation certain aspects of rate wants race get into the game. Then this is where I say, my background prepared me. So you don't treat those situation never surprise. Because you know, once race gets in the game that those issues can go anywhere. And so no, I wasn't surprised. At all. I think well prepared to deal with that. And I was president at the time. And I think I think the vote handled it very well. In fact, I didn't agree with the decision. We're in a democratic process here. And but out yes, indeed. What was the outcome? You were hoping for well the outcome then the same outcome today. That is that I think we need as many different models as we into serve a population of students that's been failed in this community for several decades. And I think that's an aspect of the work that people forget a lot of times, I see people in the community complain about something, and you really need to put it into proper context that is certain aspects of certain the negative aspects of education has been prevalent for decades. And and so we need to find solutions and solutions, very difficult. And so that's where. Where where I landed on that issue. And today's the same thing, I think that we need to do everything we can to improve educational attainment of those that have not met the high levels of education that respect I think one of the things that you and I have in common. You know? That is not just occupying four is that your entire time on the board. You were the only African American person on the board. You're the only black person on the board. I entering the board as the only black person on the board. I've actually lived here my entire life. I've never known of there being more than one black person on the board. What did what did that mean to navigate the issues of black students and black families and black educators in isolation on the board? You know, it was interesting. I mean from that standpoint. And that's what I say what I meant. When I say that, you know, bring a unique perspective to the board because I was the only African American voice at that time. But I was fortunate though to have board members that were able to or willing to really see an end or committed to the voice and the various communities that we have that have been. Under under TV over the years. And so we had remembers that was really in tuned. I was fortunate enough that although there wasn't African Americans there there were some other. Ethnic groups and racial compositions that that allow the different perspective. But yes, I was the only African American, but what it meant flow communities. I think if there's one of the things I was probably disappointed in was that I felt that communities didn't come forth. Really engage the system I think that's what's really lacking is that communities need to come forth, and really engage the system and work with board members to achieve doubt comes to think that the kids deserve and one of probably one of my biggest disappointments is that over the years as I didn't see..

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