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It could be. It could be something like house. You don't know what the other the other thing. I find very interesting. That has always confused me even when eighteen into hen house. You you talk about it is the bidders like yeah. I have no idea where bitter i would pick. What goes with what. What even a bidder which i guarantee a lot of people don't So explain that to the menu use local businesses to especially hard news local businesses or and or minority owned businesses whether lack of minority owned women on of color own. Anything i try to try to focus dollars. But you get back. Fitters is a basically like roots. Herbs could be like peels a variety to be anything and prevented. It's it's got a it. It's something that doesn't happen overnight. Fermented for you know a good amount of time. It could be like ten days a couple of weeks. Whatever and let that process happened. The thing that people don't know about bidders the thing about that is that people don't know is that i don't know how to turn it always have to walk out and trying to get him the code so you can get in and has a really high alcohol content. Oh does. I didn't know that. I thought they had no alcoholic own. Sure i know that i didn't either. You're you're hung over just throw some bidders and some soda water and collared day out. The best way to settle. Upset stomach is embarrassing soda water. That's a good tip. Especially for. I know i love bidders. Wow so the other. You never want us too much because it really is Yeah oh okay introduced being you to do is wine club at inside out which i miss going to wine clubs so much miss. Mary hosts that i miss. I know it was always hervey because you guys did it when we were able to go out and enjoy it in person. You guys did it around three or somewhere later in the afternoon and it was right after our show so it was always perfect timing where we would be somewhat loaded after the show and then go to wine club. It was one of my favorite things in san diego to do on saturday. How did that passion start with. 'cause wine kind of scares me because i never know what to get. What's good what's not you know what i mean. The winds pick for wine club have been amazing. All of them have been great picks. So how did that start for you guys. It doesn't happen overnight. I mean donna. I've really developed our pallets throughout the year. You know enjoying wine and we both found a passion and a love for it and you know wine creates good memories accent. Sloughed it you know it..

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