President Trump, Senator Menendez, Pelosi discussed on Glenn Beck



In Ohio details at twelve o'clock on NewsRadio six ten WTVN. While Senator Menendez is on the beach in Puerto Rico, which is not a good picture. If you've if you've haven't seen that along with the Hispanic caucus things are kind of falling apart because they're saying oh shut down and so horrible for people. And then they're on the beach. There's something else that is also falling apart. And that is that the border wall is immoral. Chris Wallace asked Senator coons a democrat. Whether the ball was really immoral house speaker. Pelosi says that the border wall is moral and that she won't give I guess you'll get one dollar to pay for it. He'll with her. Well, I agree with the advice that Lindsey Graham just gave to President Trump, which is that he should reopen the government, and we should spend several weeks negotiating over what we can all agree on. I personally don't think that a border wall is in and of itself immoral. A walls aren't immoral right there. Just the thing right. The internet is an immoral Nazi propaganda on the internet might be moral, and is immoral in my view, Tom. Wasted premises out there. Right. But I mean again, like the wall like immigration policy of Trump might be immoral to you. But the wall is not immoral correct. The wall is just a way to enforce the law. I would just really like to stop stop talking about. We should do is open the government or close the guy or whatever and start a dialogue. You can start a dialogue with this. Yes. A border wall will be part of part of the negotiations. That's.

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