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Thirty well I guess this studio is the state treasure the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who I have known for actually known her husband longer than I've known her Dave Goldberg so be talking about is a big event starts this weekend is the a BM because I'm so young it used to be called abandoned property what is the unclaimed property auction and as the treasures explained people who have safe deposit boxes if they do not visit those safe deposit boxes and they appear to be abandoned the property then is cheats to the state and the state will attempt to find the original owners the actual owners but there's a significant number of items that every is it every year every two years every year every year and so it is this weekend and they can get information I'm assuming at the state treasures well actually they'll be a link to the option on the fine mass money dot com website they'll be a hyperlink to the E. be set eBay sale at noon time this coming Saturday that's what it opens that's when it out and I think you told me that there's a there's a groups of of light and the released okay so so I'm going to ask you what I'm interested in of course and that is baseball cards deified ever find any old good baseball cards so this year we absolutely had baseball cards I will share with you that two years ago there was an old red Sox banner that if I could have bought it for the shaman and you heard me mention him earlier I would have absolutely it was from the nineteen forties it was amazing and unbelievable can pristine condition but this year we have a a Wade Boggs card the one that really struck a few people was Roger Clemens in his rookie year that's what that's always the key if you get a rookie card if if if if if it's not a rookie card I mean on on a play like Clemens is going to be a high price the next year might be a better picture might might have that that was yeah what is the second years all right the right the original the rookie card though I know that and there was also a Hank Aaron commemorative card which kind of struck me I yeah what again I remember when he broke the record sure you know we have the home run off of a no you probably don't I doubt L. downing lefty for the Dodgers you don't do you know who caught the ball in the bullpen who cut the Buckeye named Tom house who became a relief pitcher for the red Sox actually had literally pitch for the red Sox that's good to know and and I will jot that down and I know who was present for that historic moment yeah the that that then governor of the state of Georgia James Earl Carter and about a year or so later Jimmy Carter and about a year or so later I sat at your desk and spent an hour with said James Earl Carter who was then the still the governor in September of nineteen seventy five who was running for president and was a decimal point in the polls and he wanted desperately to meet your predecessor Bob Robert Winton crane and Bob crane employed be that day said under no circumstance why once a moment with the governor of Georgia who's running for president she's all yours and so great still but it hours later while sitting at your desk in the chair we're you would be sitting and treasure crane walk through the door looked at me and made a gesture which I'm going to I can't repeat on the air but basically I waved it off and I simply turned to him and and I said governor look who's here so grain spent about two minutes with Carter I think our no he wasn't in the mood to sing to him that day every should which shows a red anyway walked him out here and around his shoulders told about governor yeah yeah god might you have I'm with you all the way clap in and everything Carter was thrilled that was his one endorsement he got that day on the next day card to send him a beautiful hand written letter which I gave to crane above crane and he said Hey you take that I gave it back to Bob crane the on January twentieth nineteen seventy seven when Jimmy Carter was inaugurated wow Jimmy Carter so that's that so you mention Hank Aaron we go right okay and the other thing I want to tell you about Hank Aaron is there was a guy who went to school with your husband and me named Bobby Hansen from East Boston was a great baseball player Latin school played for the Milwaukee Brewers actually made it to the major leagues plated UMass was an all American at UMass best hitter ever saw in high school Bobby made it to the Milwaukee Brewers and was sort of the designated hitter and there was this player from Atlanta who had played in Milwaukee for most of his career and he wanted to finish his career in Milwaukee so he went from the Atlanta Braves that's a hint to the Milwaukee Brewers for sort of the curtain call of his career his name is Hank Aaron yeah it's good so Alice hello Bobby hits it ended up back in the minor leagues because of Hank Aaron what would you like a lot to do with unclaimed property will tell pretty well first of all you have your UConn bid on out and I'm gonna tell you two years ago that you would have sworn that this diamond and sapphire Victorian bracelet was made for my rest and I still can't get it out of my head but this year by the way I went on your wrist either out of your head or and the sale by the way does go through till December and it goes the first one Hundred lots will be come out on this Saturday how it so there were two things I want people to look for one is this with these gorgeous debt to diamond rings that are identical to each other they look like matching engagement rings and the center cut stone which is around is three point nine carats now they're not brilliant cut they are V. twos they are mine cut diamonds but I put both of them on my finger and we were all joking but amazing diamond earrings say which may sell that is a that is highly unusual and in fact I was meeting with the governor later in the day and we brought the case up so I could show him the diamonds he said I one of his sons got married but the other one hasn't yet I said you do have a wife and you are allowed to bed even though I'm not but we were joking about that the other really fascinating item at the opposite extreme was a is a commemorative spoon from nineteen forty seven it's actually engraved with the name Geraldine on the back and it says nineteen forty seven we put it out it's three dollars at the very top is there is a Boston baked bean pot just below that is an engraving of Paul Revere on his horse and just below that is the old north church the standard is the Bunker Hill monument on the CPO on this phone and in the Cup of this phone is in ink ace AEG engraving of the state house and I and I showed every single person who came in this spoon and if there was anything that I would have wanted from this no we put it out at three dollars you mean the thank you the bidding will begin at three dollars okay but it's that that's going to end up a lot more than three dollars but we put it out for what it's worth and it's not it's worth it's not so it stops it's not like it's you know I understand you're not okay got that and maybe I'm the only person in the whole world who would think it's a great thing to death so you don't know but to me it was absolutely fascinating historical interesting your meant a lot to me all the symbols of our status it is settled is that also that this some some old money silver certificates there were actually if you look at the case you thought it was just yes someone from for example encore just spreading money I'm on the table and it turns out they're all silver certificates and so silver certificates are worth somewhat more than their face value but their unusual and they're old and so for people who collect money they do purchase these resolutely so there's a wide variety of things that people kept we had one table full of from an entire family of silver flatware sterling silver frames and the like and I it has their initials on it so as it travels around the state is so I was hitting the wrong thing here go read a lot of background noise lebron Greta okay and so as we travel around the state maybe someone will recognize the initials and there are old photographs right inside okay so it's conceivable that that that will be returning okay listed as I want to break a little early because you got four lines and I know people want to talk to you so we'll get to the phone calls but I'm not I'm interested I'm intrigued by the unclaimed property auction find mass money dot com a hyperlink it would try to get some folks to a to be fed yep you got some heat will want what what do you normally raise how much do you normally raise in Rev par called the Kamel to on this auction is to raise around a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars well okay they've raised over the years of doing this two point two point eight million okay but a hundred seventy five thousand dollars for all of these opportunities I mean it sounds to me like sometime by the way it goes straight into the general no I get that but sometimes you see these these high end auctions at Christie's and the the painting sold for seventeen million dollars don't have so you can actually contribute to the to the Commonwealth and perhaps get something that would have some value to you a curio a Roger Clemens baseball card or who knows a diamond ring that's that's it we'll be back six one seven springs two five four two eight thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty side with Dan.

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