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We keep hearing how in the supreme court is the pre core and it's all about that and if you don't like the president on this at least we're gonna get supreme court justices and then you wake up on an issue as important as putting citizenship on the census and we we got screwed again and they don't want they don't want any conservatives to win in this country that diets cast they want us to melt down about of who they may be nine to nothing saying you cannot ask a question about citizenship during a census series of questions they crazy are you kidding me but let's go back to last night in tonight's another big show featuring the big ones tonight's the main stage for the dem's mainly you're gonna see biden and sanders go at each other then buddha gag is not gonna go to camera harris's zero gillibrand zero bennett of colorado oh unknown will unknown swallow unknown andrew yang putts and hickenlooper no could remembers a goner so basically we're going to just watch less adult cuck todd and mad cow rachel mad cow try to feature joe biden or depending upon their left the leftism sanders last night they clearly featured by meinhof warrant will call whiny warm because most field donahue the bottom line off gang was lucky for you i was let's say the sixties are live in my brain there was a bottom meinhof gang in western germany that was a terrorist communist cell they conducted kidnappings murders blowing up banks and they caused mayhem and have confirmed till they were all arrested in court for some reason every time i looked at elizabeth warren i couldn't place her face she had the mean this the grimness of look the horrendous meanness that i couldn't place it finally came to me this morning and so we did a mockup of faces of the butter meinhof gang from google search and we put lisbeth warren and it just for fun it's a parody and i asked why does warren remind me the red army faction about a meinhof gang of terrorist i thought it's funny but the fact is i don't know that she's a real threat i think she's too she's too mean looking and i don't think women like her i don't even think democrat women like in fact what she is she's hillary to she's just a younger version of hillary clinton the same exact policies of hillary clinton she's hillary to now whether or not she will come to the top it's hard to say my father used to say a certain thing comes in at low tide coney island we don't know what's going to be left on the beach of coney island when the tide goes out whether it'll be elizabeth warren bernie sanders or or biden we don't know we know the top three will have to watch a little bit more but i was a shame for the blasio to hit the new low last night saying that something that separates him apart from all the others up there is that he's been raising a black sun in america and it struck me as so wrong in so many ways does anyone agree with me on that david in the san francisco area david welcome to the program how do you feel about him using his son like that well i happen to be racial marriage son is the image in catholic the other russell wilson so It's kind of fad. i area owa would he use his son like that and say he told his son to be afraid of police that you raise your son that way no i actually kinda grew up in two worlds part of it was playing ball in housing projects and guys who actually coach n._b._a. teams now well i think there's a white guy i was embarrassed for the blasio the backyard's looking great.

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