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It is. It is crazy to think it wasn't that long ago. You know it it. I have to ask somebody like my dad who lived in southern california at the time who grew up in that time period if he remembers who he is because i feel like he should. It's it seems like such a shakeup to that whole area and everyone was scared. Those are the times when you didn't lock your doors and you know obviously now if you don't like it or you're just buzzy yes especially your car. I didn't have a car that locked for a long time. Now my car locks you guys. I have a brand new car. Thank god thank god so this series was it was good. I i definitely feel like it's very uncomfortable to watch if you're not into like true crime or murderer any of like torture stuff. I definitely don't recommend it. But it is really popular netflix. It's little four episode forty minutes each about documentary series. It's definitely worth a watch if you like that kind of stuff absolutely yeah. It's an entertaining. That's not the right word for that. It's i. I mean it's entertaining in the source of you. Want to know who it is so that person could get caught and they could fucking die. That's what you know what i mean. You want to know how somebody is so horrible. Could just commit these just shitty things like. He did so much bad stuff so much bad stuff. He's luckily dead. Yeah thank god how well. That's night stalker. I think it's still trending on netflixif. I'm remember quickly. I mean stuff might be starting to take over soon. Because i know that we're going to have that other documentary series. That's not too long from now. That's kind of related towards eight. Because he's in the hotel in clearly burton still real popular so we're going to get into one division episode four now though. Oh boy ready for it.

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