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Americans started this election day, with their ballots already cast with Malin and early voting shattering records nationwide. Here in Massachusetts, more than 2.3 million voters voted early. And for the rest of the voters in the state. You have until eight o'clock this evening, Teo, get out to the polls and get out the vote. Secretary of State Bill Gallon expects record turnout today and Devil BBC's Mike Macklin spoke with Galvan and bright in as he cast his ballot may have heard it took me a few times to get my ballot accepted. My circles weren't quite dark enough Not for lack of enthusiasm for my choices. Secretary of State William Galvin, acknowledging the momentary problem he had when the ballot box at the Edison School in Brighton rejected his ballot. Galvan dark in the circles, signifying his choices. Problem solved. The secretary, saying he expects most voters should encounter no problems casting their ballot. The anecdotal reports we've had from around the state are early lines, but no long lines. That is to say there were lines at seven. But they're proceeding regularly. It's a steady pace throughout the whole state. Galvan, saying he expects a record voter turnout for this election, with at least 3.6 million Massachusetts voters casting their ballot in right Mike Macklin w B Z Boston's NewsRadio and It's not just the White House and Senate on the ballot there two questions to consider as well in Massachusetts, the right to repair expansion and ranked voting. And, of course, incumbent Senator Ed Markey. Is facing a challenge from Republican Kevin O'Connor, an attorney from Dover. There were some lines early this morning of polling stations, particularly in some Boston neighborhoods and among the voters who had to pack their patients. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh just wait in line for an hour at the Low Moon's library, and I was proud to vote number 76 in my precinct, and it's great to see so many people out there voting today. Last storefronts in Boston boarded up in anticipation of any election night demonstrations that might Get out of hand, Boston Police Commissioner William Gras says. While there will be officers at the polling stations like always, it won't be an overwhelming presence, Ross says in anticipation of any demonstrations getting out of hand tonight, police assets are in place to respond quickly. And, of course, Governor Baker has the National Guard activated on standby should they be needed? In the nation's capital, a temporary steel wall around the White House this election day per request of the Secret Service in Minneapolis. The government center boarded up businesses in New York City. I mentioned Boston but also D. C have boarded up. And while there are no credible threats of violence locally or in the nation's capital, we do know of a number of permit request for demonstrations. Certainly in D. C. Coming up A look a cove. It is a cold weather rolls in and we will continue our campaign coverage. But right now, 12 03 traffic and weather together and it's officially the Election Day lunchtime commute Kevin Brennan joining us now with the Subaru Retailers of New England, all wheel drive traffic on the threes. All right, Laura. Yeah, If you are heading out to vote right now, do expect a little extra traffic around your local polling stations. Even some of those roadways second, every roadways could be shut down around those areas. So be careful and X Do expect some long lines in some areas. But don't let that stop you from voting dress accordingly. For the weather. Bring a folding chair. If you have to in some snacks, and don't forget your mask, but get out there and vote today. It's certainly important Most of the major roadways are in pretty good shape right now. 93 North bound, okay through the Stella homestretch after clearing that earlier truck fire, you're looking pretty good up through stone, um, on into Wilmington, upper End a 1 28, Waltham, upto Lynnfield and back only take about 20 minutes there. Downtown Boston looking good on that lower decks. Take umbrage. Lever connectors OK in either direction. As on the river roads and airport tunnels over on route two weeks found roadwork at Winter Street exit 56. Lexington has just that left lane getting by and you got a minor slowdown getting by that south of town looking good on the expressway as well as Roots three and 24. Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on the three's alright, Kevin will check back in 10 minutes,.

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