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Your basket back on baseball tonight, taking you to first pitch for the Phillies and Braves on Sunday night Baseball Atlanta's offense, paced by Ronaldo, Kunio Junior who will be in the lineup tonight. After getting hit by a pitch and yesterday's game. He leads the club with her 6 52 slugging percentage, including 18 Extra base hits and 10 home runs. Austin Reilly is second on the Braves with 29 hits. And seven knocked in. Speaking of runs knocked in for the second time in his career. Albert Pool halls is in search of a new team, though this time there won't be a mega contract with teams lining up to sign of the Angels parted ways with the future Hall of Famer and it's possible that this is the end of the road for a player who has over 3200 career hits and 667 career home runs. Tim Kurkjian. Details, pools Cooperstown accomplishments. If.

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