President Trump, North Carolina, Jeff discussed on John Gibson


Tom creek segment here i i asked what the president could do to appeal to black voters jeff in raleigh north carolina what do you think how you doing good good jeff what do you think what could he do anything he's got hunt whatever we lost amount out tim in atlanta what could trump do to appeal to black voters joe karam how you doing good good make it may get quick me in on black oh he appeals to you okay yeah well what could he do more black community to further his percentage of the black vote what could he do bad tax reform i mean i have coupcolleague degrees i'm not worried about here now i wish nuno he would decree you know why african american media nonfood hampton create program that would help in community bank think what the the normal republican stop thank you tim i want to grab jeff here carr's jeff's back on his knee jeff you there sorry about that time i've disconnected sir what do you think what can trump don't i don't play her the ikego nothing new if it's true like i i lived in new york locked in my life is just your would what blacks send them and then uh and has been welldocumented from being sued weather herta were not written a black meekly memos within cup organization that uh that got him in trouble i mean he is over the years i respect him because i know he the racist he doesn't hide it i'd like can more than people them home politician when it comes to that i know who are dealing with uh do you think anyone do you think anyone jeev do was there anyone who voted form who said i think he's racist but i'm going to vote for him anyway do you think there's anyone like that right no i mean black americans we were like look i know i know you don't i wonder if there's black americans who agree with you jeff but they went ahead and voter form because they were looking for for change i dunno jeff thank you for the call we gotta go we'll be back with phil robertson you're a 40yearold financial planner with her husband and two young boys you were just diagnosed with.

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