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Hello. We got a lot going on today as usual. But today, we got way weather. We have some crazy stuff going to sign tomorrow is the pastathon. The former President George Hw gets buried today thought I had about President Bush yesterday. Well, he was being eulogize, which I'll share first of all Jennifer Jones league morning handle and Wayne resume. Good morning. I'm a little disappointed in. What that neither you nor Jen have dubbed today. Pastathon eve. Long. I wouldn't do kind of my fault that. Yeah. That's jen. Sorry. I didn't mean to let you down. What does that such sweatshirt, by the way? Oh, Tennessee volunteers. Have you ever been to Tennessee? Oh my God. Yes. Are you at Tennessee, volunteer, I have loved Peyton Manning since back in the day when he played college for the vol's, then I ended up marrying Scott. Who's granny lives just outside Knoxville been devolves games. Many many times Tennessee volunteers name football team. I didn't know that. Oh, some kind of related. The civil war or the revolutionary war. No. All right. Alex warning. Warning is John Belk. Yep. You're welcome back. Thank you ought to touch the flu. Yeah. Oh, I touch. Okay. Do we call you bathroom, John? No. It wasn't that kind of flu. As a that kind of flu. Okay. Oh, I just got a text yesterday from John Thomas was supposed to be with us tomorrow. Yeah. And he said he's been throwing up for twenty four hours coming in from Washington DC doesn't even know if he can get on the airplane. Oh, he has such a problem with whatever he has stomach wise. Alright so tomorrow pastathon. Please join us today the rains, which are going to screw everything up the burn areas. We have not yet gotten report of major floods, and they're saying is light rain. Sure as hell wasn't light. Rain driving in today. It was bad. It was bad. And I had heard that a storm was coming into Malibu just as we were driving. Heavy rains were coming in. So we have to find out what's going on there. And then of course, the big news. What are people going to do tonight, a California adventures here from iheart? Are they going to go or not in the middle of the rain? I say ponchos punches of the way to go. Oh, yeah. I guess not me. But for everybody else. Well, I'm not going. We have to wake up at the crack of dawn. I don't go from nine to one AM to these things. All right. Just a quick one before we hit the news. And in terms of the yesterday, the eulogizing that was being done on behalf of the president forty-one H W Bush, and that is I as as we heard the way he was described in life is a class act is a generous man is a gracious man, not only is president but throughout his life and how he led his life. I thought it was all a personal slap too. To Donald Trump. That's what I heard a lot of that. And then it occurred to me, I don't I don't even know if people were thinking of Donald Trump when saying those things and it occurred to me is that George Bush's very life. Is a personal slap against Donald Trump. Just the way he lived nothing. More nothing less not in the presidency. And his role. Local that was included just the kind of human being he was and then I was thinking I turn the Marjorie. And I said, do you think that when Donald Trump is eulogized? And of course, he will be. I mean, there's going to be a big deal when he dies question is a former president how many people are gonna stand up and use the word, gracious and kind. At at that eulogy. All right. Just saying. Okay. Guys. I I know the Trump lovers are going to attack the hell out of me. But here's the point. I wanted to for those of you that are Trump lovers, and I buy that you liked the way he works. And there there's a legitimate view of let's drain the swamp. Although it's still the White House is is in the middle of the swamp and certainly the taxes, and I get that in the wall and immigration. There's legitimate. Matter of fact, I agree with him on a whole lot of issues. I it's. For those of you. I want you if you would Email me and tell me that the word gracious and kind even begin to describe please. Okay. Let's do it sort of a got people hate me for for those positions. I just and I love it, by the way, just just love it. Okay. Guys ready to do it and a gift, by the way, another one cheese. What are you doing to me handle on news eight thirty were I'm going to give the gift that Jennifer? Gave me and I'm looking at the bad right now. Jennifer, what's the first rule of holiday gifting to me? Well, I actually abiding by it's too. Not give you gifts. Although I really didn't. And you'll understand you fair enough. That's we'll do that at eight thirty. Okay. In the meantime, let's do it handle on the new Jennifer, Wayne, and may lead story..

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