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He gonna have to talk to rap about that. Dude, and then okay, in all seriousness though, they kind of got lucky With that fight situation, you had this throng of Bryant fans who, by the way, like you're hyped up, I get it. I've been to NEC title games plenty of times. Again, the NEC does it right. The higher seed always hosts every tournament game that gives you the best odds, the best chances of sending your best team to the tournament, which you should want. If you're a mid major league, so I love the way the NAC does it and those home court environments. They're just incredible. I've been to them. I've been to them at Wagner. I've been to them at LIU, Brooklyn. They're incredible, but Bryant fans were out like harassing the Wagner players as they got off the bus to go into the gym. To the point where it was overboard. They were way too fired up, and then you have the small Wagner support section that is right up against the Bryant students. They're going to have to rethink that whole thing. And then they kick all the Wagner fans out and I don't know how many Bryant, if any got kicked out. It could have been real ugly. It was just ugly and they had to delay it for 30. I didn't even know if they were going to continue the game. And credit to Bashir mason, who's been there for ten years, if he had decided, I'm not putting my players back in this situation, I would have completely understood. But credit to the players at Wagner and Bashir mason for finishing out finishing out the game, getting it done, and then Brian gets its first tournament bid in its history under Jared grosso in its history period. We got to put Peter kiss in the first floor. Okay. You want him on that stage. Same thing as everything else. You put him on Thursday, Friday. Yeah, he just gets lost in the 25 point defeat. Put him in the first four, everybody's watching it because there's nothing else to watch. Great. Well, the 16s are rarely ever like, you got to see him. Peter kisses the exception to the rule. Dude was wearing a kiss shirt as in the band in his warmups before the game. The Jared had to calm him down. I had to tell him to stop. I know, he did. He was like, he's like, all right, that's enough. That's enough. The last time we saw something like this is Marshall Henderson, basically. That's the vibe I got. Agreed? Yeah, that's who he is. Yeah. Mine is like, you know, prison. Minus prison? Yeah. I don't think he's ever been to prison. Okay, fair enough. Yeah, but just in terms of on court demeanor overall. But I hope the NEC doesn't change its tournament format. I don't think it will. But, you know, they had brought all the chairs out onto the floor. They had to get all these people out of there. They had like 12 police officers. You just got to be smarter about it. You can't put you can't put visiting fans next to the student section. It's a little bit like your bathroom and Durham. Poorly designed. It was, and the thing is with these small gyms, though, man, that was a wall of Bryant fans. Listen, they're liquored up, they're geared up to hyped up. I get all that. It wasn't a great night for the NEC, which normally has a really, really nice conference tournament. And again, I prefer the form at the NBC goes with if you're the higher seat of team, you host the tournament game no matter the round you're in. And so there we are. But I'm with you on Peter kiss man. He leads the country in scoring. He showed up ready for that game. And he dominated and he helped Bryant, which Bryant, by the way, is only been in division one. I think since I'm checking right now, I think since O 8, yes, it's O 8 O 9. And they beat Wagner. I think they're going to be a 16 seed Peter kiss goes for 34 points. He showed up in a major way. We got a couple of minutes before palm comes in real quick. Bellarmine wins in the a sun. And I've heard I've heard and seen everyone say, so now Jacksonville state, which was the regular season champion is going to go. Why is this a rule? Why is this a rule? I might be on an island here. I think that the team should be able to play in their conference tournaments. But I got no issue with them not going to the NCAA because the one of the major reasons this rule is in place, wouldn't you agree? There's too many teams in division one parish, too many things, right? Sure. Well, then wipe them out. I'm ready to wipe out to 200 of them. Well, I'm not ready to outrageous. I ready to Thanos half a division one. I am. I know you are. I would say it's too bloated by about 80 to a hundred schools, but I got you. I got you. 200. But the point is, one of the major reasons this rule is in place is to prevent a flood of 400 plus division one schools because you have to meet certain criterions and one and one of the reasons that they say, okay, if you really want to do this, are you willing to go, it used to be 5 years now, it's four years of ineligibility in the postseason because they don't want all of these schools trying to jump from D three to D two to D one. That's a big reason why it's in place. So I don't have an issue with it. D one's already too big. We have like two more teams coming to D one next season. We don't need anymore. So I get it Bellamy's awesome. It'd be great if they had their moment, but I'm fine with them playing in the conference tournament and really the way the ace undid it. A reward your best regular season team if bellarmine eligible team winds up winning it. So that's a big reason why I get why you might be like, just let them in, but it's in place, so we don't have 437 division one teams. That's a major reason why that rules in place. I guess at this point, I would say, who cares? We have three 58 now. Who cares if it goes to four 30? Like what is the difference between that? Practically speaking, what is the difference between three 58 and four 30? I might have downstream effects. That's a lot of teams. That's a quad 5 games we're getting to that point. You're the only person who would be affected by 'cause you gotta rank all these idiot teams. Every present. Oh, 100%. This directly affects you. The reason you're against it is because you're against it. For me, here's the truth. Until the past two days, I don't even look at those teams. So if we go to the fear is, what if you look at one day and you got 400? Who cares? I'm only paying attention to 26 anyway. I watched 20 16s. And Peter kiss, that's all I do. Engineer Nelson.

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