Israel discussed on Mark Levin


It's very important I continue to discuss what goes on in Israel not because I'm Jewish nana because you can see the similarities what's taking place in our country and you have Bhama operatives her working in Israel of trying to topple Benjamin Netanyahu they've never forgiven then ya for coming to this country talking to us the American people speaking to Congress in fighting the Iran deal let me tell you how diabolical it is now over in Israel I've told you about this party they call themselves blue and white blue and white really are in my view the colors of Israel when you look at the flag it's blue and white and a former IDF chief by any chance has joined with a left of center type collect Pete they tried to pull this party together for the single purpose of defeating that not they managed to get in the election very few folks maybe thirty two thirty three votes as I recall the Likud party got thirty six they got three more votes but more than that the Likud party was aligned with other parties religious parties and so forth so together they came just shy of fifty nine votes he needs sixty one members are votes because the Knesset our parliament is a hundred twenty members in order to choose the prime minister and run the government well this guy Benny Gantz during the campaign promised he would not allow the Arab list that is the list of Arab parties in his government nor did they want to be part of the government because they're made up of individuals that include slams Arab nationalists and communists has their leaders in the parties oppose the very existence of the state of Israel many of them are are sort of French for the Palestinians and so forth but they say we want to be assimilated into the country of course but they don't even support the country so Benny Gantz among other things said during the campaign don't worry you know they'll not be part of the government but here's the problem why this is always a line I told people in the administration this I've told other people this Benny Gantz can't form a government without those Arab parties they have fifteen seats he's thirty three in addition there's another guy by the name of Lieberman I've told you he's an immigrant from Russia he's a Russian Jew he won with his party a total of seven seats he's a secularist nationalists they call them he despises the religious parties despises them but he we really despises Netanyahu because he and his family and his cohorts came under it a broad criminal investigation and he is blamed Netanyahu for that criminal investigation promised Netanyahu doesn't have control over the Attorney General the police there they were invent they investigating him they've indicted him so something's going on with this Lieberman I don't know if they have something on him or what but he's supposed to be this big pro defense nationalist secularist he's willing to throw in with the blue and white party and the Arab parties Mr but is does that make sense to you and in doing that they'll have just enough numbers to take over the government to appoint Gantz prime minister and they want to pass two laws in the Knesset where they feel they have enough votes now with the Arab parties in this guy Lieberman which we would call unconstitutional in this country because they're aimed at one person and the retroactive the retroactive number one term limiting a person as prime minister this is after the election so they were term limits Netanyahu despite the fact he got far more votes then Benny Gantz his party number two if you've been indicted you cannot serve as prime minister well these bogus charges that were brought against the prime minister we've discussed them at length you've seen him on living TV and so forth that means any out of control it tourney general and police department police they're not like our police it's totally different can take out a prime minister so they want to pass these laws for the purpose of reversing the election in Israel just like the impeached and sought to remove our president by reversing the vote that took place in the United States the difference is they actually want to put Netanyahu in prison so now Benny Gantz here's the news is swirling around trying to pull together a majority to become prime minister any needs the support of the Arab parties and a couple of the of the members of a part of the blue and white all telling T. Ellie and that's not the point two who are supposedly more conservative have objected and Benny Gantz is told them according to Israeli reports then get the hell out of our party get the hell out of government we still have enough votes without you can.

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