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Tell you the whole thing and it's great when dr curse says i realize i don't know shit a realized everyone's looking up to me and i don't know shit you know and so that's where i think if if if we allow ourselves that's where i think. The series is to re examine our own. You know a approach to this. I'm so glad that it had that effect. I mean because it was so involved but it's hard you're somebody just got to watch. It is right for me to sort of look at it from a perspective that you have and i'm really glad that it had that made that impression on. You would have some other of your favorite segments. I'll tell you what. I love is the cardinal. You remember the cardinal Yeah the the cardinals. Pretty good. But i gotta pull you. The where people are going to react to the the the trance medium ship and the physical medium ship. Because it's the one place where there is the doubt you know i. It's clean as at the rest. Which is okay. That's part of the process. So i guess we should talk about that as well. Well i mean it was very hard. I'd really kind of don't want to go into that too much because of its complicated for me personally. And there are certain things in that in two episodes of which we covered medium ship. And i had ideas about how i would have liked to have cover. It covered it. That didn't necessarily agree with the filmmakers. Now and it's hard for me to talk about that too much as you can imagine. I the greatest respect for them. But i would have included certain things and not included other things that were there because i appreciate interesting it. I don't want to stir up too much because now everyone's going to be interested in that and there's nothing there's nothing really bad about it in. It's well done for what it is..

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