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Broncos canceled practice Friday after they had player test positive for Co vid nineteen offensive linemen. Graham glass cow is is what we're hearing at this point. Of course Mike Muntjac entered the COVID nineteen protocol last week he wasn't present at practice Wednesday or Thursday. They didn't name the player at first but now that is news all over twitter I guess I have the question. Why Why are we having this game and not move in which I'm not complaining? But why was the Patriots game moved around for a couple of players? But you're seeing that this game is not moved around chargers had one too so. Is. That patriots thing was that so that they could potentially get Cam Newton back. How about this Colfax. If peyton manning was here, he was the quarterback for the broncos and his lineman was down. Do you think the new think the NFL would find a way to? Move this game out I just don't think the broncos get that kind of respect. I know they're running out of time to reschedule things. They've already talked about moving the super bowl back by four three or four weeks. So that that's a little bit frustrates a little frustrating but the game is plan is planned to go ahead and like I said, I don't have a problem with that mine was the fact that we moved to the game and then basically just said Oh by the way guys your by week. Hope you had fun practicing. Weird I of a sex line three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, our power to play sports poll question is available. It's broncos related today we we hit the rams. Pretty. Pretty heavily throughout the week. So we'll go broncos today. Think about this before the chargers game because this game us a lot. The broncos do you like the direction the broncos are heading. With Vic Fangio. Pat Shurmur. Drew Lock. This this defense the scheme. John. elway. Do you like the direction they're heading? Would you like to see it play out or? Are you ready to see this thing just torn completely open. Break it down from top to bottom by by elway by Fangio drew locks nutter guy we are trading off assets and here we go. Trade deadline's coming up reason I ask and obviously my deep thoughts from a wandering mind my quick take on the broncos in their lack of offensive identity. I talk a lot about elway's issues. That's really impacting the broncos. Colfax I make this comparison. I kind of feel like John Elway, have you ever been to the grocery store hungry you ever? You know they say not to do that, right? Don't go to the grocery store hungry because you're going to buy a lot of crap. You're never going to eat you see stuff and you're like, oh, definitely gonna eat those fish sticks I'm doing something like that. But I'm not. But you're not, you're not thinking health when you're hungry, right you're thinking about. All the junk food that you can buy. ELWAY's like that. He goes into the grocery store. He's starving Oh there's too wide receiver. Sweet. We don't really need them but you never know Oh there's Melvin Gordon. Let me get him. Let me sign him. We don't really need him but we're going to go rather than getting the things that are good for you like carrots and apples and all that good stuff right? Well Offensive Lineman. or a defensive back or linebacker that would have been the nutrients you need it in the draft and free agency but instead you went out with the sexy picks go Caja Hamblur in the second round. You get another tied in you draft tied in you and you and your sign you sign one in free agency. So I feel like always a lot like that and so that's the question. Do you think that that will get better? Or. Would you like to see this this organization just torn completely apart fifty one minutes after the hour we'll take a quick break when we come back wrap up our number one, it is football Friday. got a lot to talk about today we get into the Broncos chargers preview. I called it a must win if you want if you WANNA keep those playoffs. Actually. In front of you right.

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