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Just not not a good showing it all now. If you if you if you if you just seven dropped passes that's another that's another hundred yards right. Tear in a and one of them we know was a touchdown. That's another touchdown. There's no doubt by my just just that alone. We have doubled our score in a. I mean good grief. How many completed passes did he have. Let's see brady. had twenty. Two completed path passes so a third of his passes should have been completed another third though savon so anyhow that was bad so we saw that we we knew but i didn't really see how bad it was on the until you look at the game filming on. These guys were wide open. It's like they were covered and they were hard catches. No they were right in their hands and it just bounces right out but you know you could say was the weather. But jones didn't have that problem. And you know our receivers have been having this problem for year and a half now. I don't understand it at all. Do not do not get. Why are receivers are dropping the ball. We got a sick baby. So here's some confident of the background..

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