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Jodi Mack it too and they will cover baseball and football for you there are couple playoff game so coming up tomorrow but we seem to have put in our back pocket a little bit the most asked question of the week I can answer right now it's pretty much for me what I'm working weekends it's the most asked question every week when is the loop our well it's right now it's the hour for the people the hour in which the quality the program is at its highest there's no stale involved and unlike so many other things we give you what we promised in the loop our my friend got a green on the other side as well he's top notch top notch so we have a good hair on the other side that will help us through the morning and into the afternoon when we come what a week I mean what I what a disappointment in some ways some of it not overly surprising but it doesn't make it fun you know it's sort of to me now it's sort of a the death of of spirit by a thousand paper cuts meaning that no just because damage and obviously this is true all psychological damage but just because some of your faith is taken away and it is not tangible you can't see it or feel it or touch it doesn't mean that it isn't real damage and I have to tell you that one I saw L. Tuesday clutching his Jersey and I watched it three or four times and watch them run down the tunnel and fought back to happens smile which was such an odd thing after he had just been eliminated buy a home run.

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