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For many he was a legend for some of us He was a dear friend Today the city he spent decades covering saying a final goodbye to Bruce Johnson There were lots of stories that made up the legend of Bruce Johnson and many of them were very funny If Bruce were here to say it was a pretty good gathering for this size market So his family tells me he would always sign letters and notes either number one dad your hero Are the man Father John mudd led the funeral mass at St. Augustine's in northwest You say he was humble Everybody needs a Bruce Johnson in your life Other eulogies came from Johnson's colleagues like CBS sports as James Brown and channel 9s Leslie foster Bruce was and is A good man God bless you John dome in WT news The returner now in the traffic center All right the crash in the district is going to be coming out of the third street tunnel southbound that exit that would take you towards south capital street looks like that exit may be temporarily blocked due to a crash with heavy response on scene against sat down coming out of the third street telling the rap that would take you towards south capital street that ramp is currently blocked unclear if the exit that would take you toward the freeway is blocked as well so you may be stuck trying to get out of the third street tunnel to go east on a freeway as a result So be extra careful there Please use caution Now if you're traveling elsewhere in the district the work returns over near capital on constitution avenue at third street northwest everybody gets by single file right through the intersection for now no big delay but be aware they're out there Maryland's side Connecticut avenue northbound as you had north of four ten works on blocks of right landed three then between manor road Jones bridge road you're down to a single left lane to the work zone New Hampshire avenue in both directions between crest haven drive and a man road A single right lane passed to work in each direction 100 westbound between Coca-Cola drive and U.S. one right linkage by the work there Now if you're traveling in southern Maryland loot for a patuxent beach road between patuxent boulevard and the governor Thomas Johnson Brits are alternating traffic one direction at time through that work zone 95 southbound issue approached the fairfax county Parkway the crash had been along the left side looks like whatever is left of it Now wrapping up and clearing so all lanes have been reopened As your Internet provider holding you back switch to the one who keeps you moving forward Switch to Cox business today at Cox business dot com rich hunter WTF traffic Rich thank you Now your storm team four four day forecast here is NBC fours Draper We'll have warmer weather out there this week than we did last week with lows tonight in the low to mid 50s and some scattered showers around Some showers.

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