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Okay. So President, Obama didn't just stop calling for the overthrow of the Filibuster n suggesting today's police and federal agents are in league with George Wallace and Bull Connor. He then suggested that there's a wide variety of attempts to stop the vote again, there is no evidence of this. The idea of widespread voter suppression in the United States is nonsense. It is nonsense is nonsense. Donald Trump says at it is nonsense when Barack Obama says it. Is Nonsense the black population of the United States. Thank God vote in heavy numbers and in the last several election cycles and certainly when Barack Obama's Leptin in both two thousand, eight, thousand, twelve out-voted their share of the population a Barack Obama is fully on board with the Stacey Abrams lie that black people are systematically being prevented from the vote which is it is a lie. There is no evidence that this is the case. That there are people out there who are black people shouldn't vote here is Brock Obama suggesting that some people's like some people like, but I shouldn't go so political at a memorial but guess what standards don't bother me I'm GONNA say whatever up police I'm just GonNa make wrap up was go. There those in power who are doing their darndest? To, discourage people from voting. By closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive idealogues and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision. Celebration of John's life. There some who might say? We shouldn't dwell on such things. But that's what I'm talking about. You know there are some site that stop people from voting in a problem but I'm GonNa talk about runaway. No one saying you can't talk about it but you are lying. The the notion that black people in America are being systematically deprived vote is just not true. It is not true. Show me the evidence and don't get me voter I d a voter ID is not attempt to stop people from voting voter. Id is a fine idea approved by the way in every poll, a majority of nearly every demographic group including black folks as far as I'm aware. It but but Brock Obama is this. This is how you got Donald Trump you guys wanNA donald trump gas let the entire American population. Suggested over and over that this man was the epitome of class that he was above politics at who some sort of god-like figure. From on high, he is just a typical Chicago style machine politician he always was. And here he was using a memorial service for a man whose politics I disagreed with in many ways. But who did do incredible good for the United States and instead of just paying tributes him in a classy way the way George W. Bush did Barack Obama got up there and suggested that America is living with the vestiges of Jim Crow and bull. Connor The, he suggested that that America is dominated by Neil segregationists and people attempting to stop people from voting. He was a deeply divisive president divisions on race in this country did not start with Donald Trump look back at the polls divisions on race in this country began in two thousand nine with Barack Obama getting overtly overtly racially political. You can look at the polls hopes for racial reconciliation is country would never hire the when Barack Obama was elected and within two years of his election completely cratered. And they continue to crater today the it was honestly, it was an ugly spectacle. WHO's an ugly spectacle I'm old enough to remember when Barack Obama went out there during the Ferguson writing and said, people don't make up things like this was talking about the Michael Brown shooting the Michael Brown shooting by the way it was a good shoot. In fact, it turns out that after another review of the Michael Brown shooting by officer Darren Wilson it turns out five years after the six years. After the case, the case has been dismissed again. According to the daily wire today Amanda Prestigiacomo Reporting Saint Louis County prosecuting attorney Wesley Bell announced Thursday. He will not be bringing charges against former Ferguson Police Department officer Darren Wilson who fatally shot Michael Brown eighteen back in two thousand fourteen during a Thursday press conference bell announced the news by prefacing it as one of the most difficult things I've had to do not that his heart breaks for the browns. The question for the office was a simple one could prove beyond a reasonable doubt and Windsor and Wilson Shot Michael Brown. He committed murder or manslaughter under Missouri. Law Bell asked after an independent and in-depth review of the evidence we cannot prove that he did. He by the way is the county's first blast black prosecutor reopened reopened the case after taking office. One of the reasons he gained office is because of disapproval for no case against dern Wilson the first place, and then he looked at the evidence and he said, sorry, we can't actually make a case Bell said his office conducted a five-month review of witness statements, forensic reports, and other evidence. The AP noted adding his investigations. It's not exonerates Aaron Watson Bible. It's not the way. The criminal justice process works. If you're not convicted that doesn't mean you're not that does not mean that you are exonerated there. No exonerated standard in criminal law, there's just not prosecuted. So, you also get clear not exonerated. That's not the way this works. Belsen I know this is not the result they were looking for in that they're pain will continue forever. Jim Tally Wilson's attorney noted bells. Review had the same conclusion as bells predecessor, grand jury, and the US DOJ that was Obama's DOJ by the way there was no crime. The Obama Justice Department at the time pointed out that there.

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