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Well, wear them all out, right? We always laugh about that. Right? Well, the nationals kind of did that for you. Last night. They they blew an eight point lead in San Diego. Mike. I got him using one. Finnegan swear over both Hudson and clay all out of the bullpen, And they kind of limp into San Francisco after a brutal loss, How we like it. That's how we like it. Right, Mike. They had an eight. Nothing lead with Sures are on the mountain, right? Yeah. That game was over Those victories that's hung in the standings, man, and you let that thing slide. I guarantee there wasn't a people that they're playing coming from San Diego to San Francisco, So yeah, absolutely. That's how you want to. You want your bullpen down, dedicate up close to five innings. And through a lot of pictures, so and you know what? There was high leverage guys to wasn't like you're throwing in. You know, a couple of your guys that you know that you're not going to see it in leverage spots this weekend, so Yeah, it totally unfolded in a good way. However, it would have been better if they would have beaten the Padres. Yeah, right. Exactly. And the ideal thing. How about this story about this guy? If you can relate to this guy camera, Raina was his name Camarena. You know, I confess I didn't know much about the young man had just been called up from their Triple a affiliate. And he's got to come in and mop up for you. Darvish, who has made a mess means Darvish insurers. Everything is gonna be one of the great duels of the night. But no, uh, Charlie put this guy in number 72. He's from San Diego Cathedral Catholic High School, making his major league debut and Mike they send them up to hit against sharing her with the bases loaded. Got hit your grand Slam. Mike, This is one of the all time stories I mean, pretty awesome for you as an old picture. You must have had a little little smile, huh? Oh, of course, and it totally energized the Padres because they bought into the story too. I mean, that's the beauty of baseball. You don't know where you're going to get your energy. And when it comes in a form of relief for making his first big league at bat hits a grand Slam off, Scherzer. Oh, God! Stop! I mean, come on you You couldn't write that nobody would believe that. And yet it happened. And in regards to, uh Darvish and shares are 13 runs. The two of those guys gave in no sticky stuff. Yeah, maybe because it's that's another thing. I wouldn't believe if you wrote it. Not the way those guys throw. No ridiculous, But, hey, that's baseball. And that's why we love it. Fun stuff a couple of things to talk about before we kind of, you know, get us ready for the weekend is we haven't talked to you since the Wednesday night game. When? When Mikey Stransky And the rookie for the Cardinals. Johan Oviedo had a little back and forth There is some sure Yeah, and, of course, Mike. It's the Giants in the Cardinal's We love seeing those old uniforms entangle wonder if you had a Opinion, get kept looking at a card in his back pocket to it's like, Come on, man. What's going on here? But what do you think of the? Yes, Oviedo chirping. Will massive paranoia the whole series with the Cardinals in regards to science dealing with a guy second. I mean, I bought it looked receipt teams every day. They're out there and they're changing signs. Yeah, okay, that get it, But they were. There was one time they They change signs six times in the first two innings of the game, And they say, Well, that's ridiculous. But that just gives you an idea As to how much paranoid there is. And so hey, if you're if you're a player, you want to try and enhance the paranoia. So you start doing little things so you know, kind of like touching your nose or, like, you know, taking a little shut the two little stutter steps going to your rider, A little stutter Step going to your left. You're looking left their life and there's 1000 different ways You can really Location, or, you know, a sign from second base. And so that's what your strips he was doing. He was just kind of going with the moment. Um did he have the science? Well, maybe, but not 100%. He was getting in that kid's head, though. I mean, you know Oviedo. I mean, he's he's a rookie. And it any. He definitely fell victim to a, uh, A, uh, the veteran messing with him. So you know, did it did it? Affect his concentration. Absolutely it did. But when he starts young at a veteran like that Number one. Everybody in the Giants dugout takes notice and start snuggling up to the front of the of the dugout. Pay attention, and it gets quiet. And the same thing happens over in the Cardinals dugout now And when a rookie does that, Okay, I'm sorry. You can do that. But let's see how you handle it. Does that enhance your performance? Or does it set you back? Did that veteran just get inside your head? Did he get between your ears? How do you handle it? So it was agreed Interesting moment, but They also had later and I think it was just, uh in your strength is next at that. There was a play where he had a ground ball and he was coming to first base and there was Oviedo right there in front of them. And I'm thinking this could happen. And it did end up being a big nothing except extent. Except Jastremski showed. You know that I've been around a bit longer. This kid and I can get his head. Yeah. Which Mike? I wonder, you know, next week, ST Louis and we'll be there to Paul and I are going with Adam Copeland and we'll have some fun. I wondered. So, you know, do Mike Shelton. Gabe Kapler kind of Look at each other across the field next week. Yeah, I remember..

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