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Plane being diverted to Connecticut's Bradley international airport is blamed for the death of a passenger that happened late Friday aboard a business jet en route from New Hampshire to Virginia, federal officials are investigating self help author Marianne Williamson's running for president again. The 70 year old spiritual adviser launched her presidential campaign yesterday at union station in Washington, D.C., promising to fight against the forces of hatred injustice and fear. Williamson also spoke about the need for universal healthcare, free college tuition and a guaranteed living wage. She's the first candidate to formally enter the race for the 2024 democratic nomination. I'm Scott Carr. Republicans in Texas are voting to censure one of their own representative Tony Gonzales. The state Republican executive committee passed a resolution Saturday centering Gonzales for breaking from his Republican colleagues and several votes, including a bill to protect same sex marriage, and bipartisan gun legislation, in a statement the Texas GOP says the party can censure anyone who violates Texas Republican Party principles and priorities three times or more in a given biennium. The vote passed 57 to 5 with one abstention, well known disability rights activist Judith heumann is dead at the age of 75, Jim Forbes has that. Human who was often dubbed the mother of the disability rights movement, champion for the rights of disabled people for over 50 years, including her time under two presidential administrations. In the 70s, she became the first wheelchair user to teach in the state of New York. She later organized the infamous 5 O four sit ins at federal buildings across the country to pass the rehabilitation act of 1973 and was responsible for the longest peaceful occupation of a federal building in American history. I'm Jim Forbes. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is teasing a possible presidential bid next year, speaking to a crowd in New Hampshire Friday, the environmental lawyer said he's thinking about it, saying his wife green lighted at Kennedy joke, now he's past the biggest hurdle, Kennedy is the son of the late senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of late president John F. Kennedy. He joins a short list of Democrats looking at a possible challenge against President Biden. The three Michigan state university students who died in a February shooting will be given posthumous degrees, MSU says they'll honor the legacies of Ariel Anderson Brian Fraser and Alexandria Werner by awarding the degrees at their spring commencement, Anderson and Werner were juniors while Fraser a sophomore. Michigan state's board of trustees chair, says the three will forever be Spartans. I'm Scott Carr. And I'm susannah Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom. China largely kept its language regarding Taiwan the same in an annual report to the nation's legislature making peaceful reunification with Taiwan a goal. That suggests that president Xi Jinping is maintaining China's policy toward self ruled Taiwan, even as global tensions increase. Meantime, China's GDP goal was not as ambitious as economists had expected. It's a modest 5% for the year. China's premier announced the goal for gross domestic product in his final report to the parliament which kicked off its annual meeting today. There's plenty for investors to focus on in the coming week, Bloomberg's Kieran Moscow has details. It all begins on Monday with reports on factory orders and durable goods orders than Tuesday Federal Reserve chair Jay Powell are present as semi annual monetary policy report to the Senate banking committee. He goes before the House financial services committee on Wednesday, the same day we get the jolts jobs report and a report on private payrolls from ADP. Thursday is the weekly report on initial jobless claims and Friday, the February jobs numbers are out, and Apple holds its shareholder meeting. Karen Moscow Bloomberg radio. With all the economic data this week and investors look for stocks, momentum to carry through from last week's gains. Jerome Schneider is head of short term portfolio management at pimco. He says the future of fed rate hikes or cuts is dependent on inflation. Clearly, the fed is data dependent, but that's also going to create an evolving process, not necessarily that now that we're approaching the 5.45 .5% terminal rate that people expect. But more importantly, that the cutting mechanism is focused less on supporting growth. But focusing on fighting inflation. The Federal Reserve next meets on interest rates during the week of March 19th. European Commission president Ursula von der leyen says Russia must be held accountable for its invasion of Ukraine, von der leyen spoke at a conference in Brussels. Russia must be held accountable for these horrific crimes and Putin must be held accountable. We must do everything in our power to bring the perpetrators to justice. Prosecutors from around the world are in Ukraine this weekend to talk about how Russia can be held accountable for alleged war crimes. It's not clear yet whether you will pay more or less for that lobster roll you want this summer. Bloomberg's and moss to explains. East coast lobstermen had a smaller haul during a year in which the industry battled surging fuel and bait prices that lobster has exploded in value in recent years, in part due to growing international demand from countries such as China, the value of lobsters also fell to a little less than $4 a pound at the docks, the lowest since 2017, a year after setting a record of more than $6 70 cents in 2021. In Boston and mos two Bloomberg radio. Global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg. This is Bloomberg business of sports. Everybody is into soccer. So it's not a case of like building the game in 94. To me, the Met tab, one of the most aggressive owners

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