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Psoriasis and eggs emma have exploded rheumatism rheumatoid arthritis has exploded alzheimer's which some people consider type three diabetes which is also autoimmune has is starting to explode we're starting to see this explosion of our own bodies turning on themselves and we haven't evolved that rapidly it's not something that's changing this genetically it's definitely something that we're doing to ourselves and i think it's a combination of things but this is something that really threatens to bankrupt our medical system in it's it's happening in most modern western societies it's really really crazy god i'm thinking about like just people who don't have this information and how like they're kind of continuing to eat certain foods and things like that where how do you like how do you get the information that's part of what we know i know entertaining what we knew we was because if we came out and just drop knowledge and science we had to listen to south for two hours every day just talk science we we probably wouldn't grow to a rapid it's the entertainment factor that's what we believe is going to be our edged to get the message out there yeah i think i think a lot of like some of the best information out there that some of these guys have written incredible books there's a lot of egos involved and a lot of them when they when they talk and they speak they like to hear themselves talk more than they really truly like to help people and i know that i'm over generalizing right now because there are great people but you see it's really common and i think what we're trying to do is take that great message because it's there.

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