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Let us just say up on Wall Street today. Can we say that down dust rose up to sixty four one percent? Nasdaq up on twenty eight one and seven tenths percent S and P five hundred twenty eight points to the good that is one percent misguided though. The very happy, music wise, Jeff, Buckley, eve Epstein, Stephen, Gregory, John, Gordon, and Betsy Streisand are the marketplace editing staff, the managing editor is dear to deputy. I'm KAI Ryssdal. We will see tomorrow. This is APN. Tara Siler will be here with K Q E news after we get you. Some more local traffic information, here's Brian peacock to the Golden Gate Bridge, which has switched to four lanes north to lane south that's causing a bottleneck from sausalito to the north end span as you travel into San Francisco Bay bridge still stacked up leaving the city from Cesar Chavez on north one around to the lower deck. Westbound from the island into the city in foster city a car in box truck tangled up there on the right lane there on east ninety t- before foster city boulevard. Brian peacock four Brian will be back with another update in about twenty minutes. That report was brought to you by PGN e. Expect a slight cooled down in coastal areas. Tomorrow the inland. Areas will remain warmer than normal normal through the weekend and into next week the forecast high for San Francisco tomorrow is seventy Oakland should hit with Friday, high seventy five in San Jose, expect a.

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