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Bring on guests. Please ladies and gentlemen show welcome to the show guys is. We're so happy you're here. Joel gives an introduction to how you chose these two lovely people okay so we had a big conversation last. We all turn wasn't sure respond to the request of people who have slept with their partners. Best friends but Our listeners did not do. There was a literally nami of people. Being like i did it or it happened to me. and so you know michelle wrote in sharing we have to get on the podcast to talk about how janas this. This is a way to have zakar. Donald tell me they hooked up with cris to know me and my dreams built crossing the lines. Accu are crossing the he knows. I've had a few erotic dreams so we guys were so glad. You're here reminding if you didn't hear last week's episode Gd and an carla hookup. They just kiss But we were talking about. Oh my gosh. it's so horrible. How a friendship ever recover from that. And i jokingly said joel or i sit on the air. I wonder if there's a couples will come on and talk about that and then you wells got filled with people that had. Oh you got to hear my story my story and she selected machelle joseph. So guys go. How did it happen. What went down. Well i i feel honored that the email is flooded and i got picked. Guess i ask subject line but all the way they had such good humor about this already. Just tip of the hat to you outstanding. What happened so obviously. We've all been in quarantine for the past year and his best friend was kind of her bubble. He recently went through a divorce. Right as quarantine was getting started he was really lonely so like we just we scooped him up onto our arms known him for ten years. Like you know come in. Every week he would come over here. Just hang out and You know there. Lots of alcohol was consumed. Everything has been sober. Let me just save But we just kind of realize that there was a little bit of a spark there and my husband and i have been married for ten years. We've known each other for seventeen years. We met high school. We have literally been the only people leave ever been with because up together like same town same forever and ever and ever type thing pretty close like town over very small mid western town. We saw very mid western sensibilities on you guys you just. You ran by it but you have only been with each other. Correct all right well. Okay jerry springer show. Donald walked into that sound. Jerry springer is this sounds more like the. What was the movie. The big chill. Was that the one where they're all hanging out in the cabin together. That's yes download. Donald zec just keep moving further back bills in the bathroom. Said michelle gone ahead okay. Love it We actually met on a blind date at a high school dance and never looked back. So we've been the only ones you know. And we are totally in love and still are two kids and their stairs. And i'm surprised. They haven't killed themselves circulation. We're working for you guys. We've been waiting so long. She's actually fucked two of my friends. I'm talking about my bill outlook at billy bills bills leaving. Get him comfortable. I first of all you guys. You're so evolved that you talk about like this but i continued because i'm on the edge of my seat So if i can interject real quick too and this isn't anything bad but like we do have two kids young kids in you have really faced the brunt of the quarantine with them so for the last year you've been working from home in. We kept our kids home for the majority of the pandemic so not being able to interact with any adults whatsoever. Besides each other you are also with two children Eight year old and a five year. Old twenty four seven. Okay if you're already. You're already way to understanding michelle. You like space there. Because i was able to my job. I was able to get out and i wasn't like going and wine and dine in people or anything but at least i had other human interaction whereas like i can see how you're craving something being like i shall continue please so i had asserted to have these feelings like what if life is so short like i. We are going to be together forever. Like i was just curious. And so i actually approached him and we had many many conversations about it. He was a little hesitant. I understandably his. I'm great and he didn't wanna lose. And i think it goes without saying look at bilking. Then i'm just all right. Bill is now hiding under a go ahead. Wait so when you say you approached him you mean you mean jack. I'll take this is a different takes a turn. You ask permission from joe to experiment. Okay yes yes. I said You know. I have these feelings. And like i was going to put myself out there and ask this other person in. They could possibly say what are you. Are you crazy. Like why would i do that. So after many talks we said yes in like just open communication about the whole thing so i asked the other person. And he's like heck. Yeah that's about it. That's the only thing. I could have predicted about this whole thing guy. Would you be interested in kind of no strings. Attached hook up. And you're not gonna believe this. You know me being said yeah i joseph. This is your french to you. Did he did hugh and he talk it out. Like you're going to give you permission to have sex with my one. You know we. We have like an unspoken bond. I feel like. I've known this guy for a long long time in. This sounds really weird. But i think of him is more like a brother. So maybe that gets into a weird family. Tree is a wreath type of situation here but it was. We made bill lawrence uncomfortable. Going to be in ted last season three so.

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