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They need to pay more attention to what you did only what he did for our country I got you thank you look I don't fault the times for writing this article because it's all new information but I just wish there had been some reporting before hand rather than afterwards afterwards it just to me comes across as cruel he didn't have a living will he didn't even express the fact that he had signs to anyone they had to do the research to find out what this guy was all about and then he walked out on his family when the when the kids were younger should that be something that sticks with you for the rest of your life if you walk out of your family maybe who walks out of their family who goes Hey listen I got my own life to live you take care of the kids seven two seven five seven I want to do five and eight hundred seven seven one one two five it gets even weirder because the kids were told by Mister Pearson second wife that he had died years ago after being electrocuted at work what so they thought their dad was dead for a really really long time until they just found out that their dad was that okay that's intense weird throughout alive who are you I say to go live you thank you I do not alive how can we help you today okay not okay tell me what reason being is he's not here to defend himself.

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