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We do have some real breaking news Mitch McConnell is addressing the U. S. Senate he is the Republican leader he's talking about the impeachment circus let's see with the Majority Leader has to say to us today about this after not try to stay awake I pay less than a week later for political purposes Senate Democrats said they were refused to secure funding for those very sign measure Washington Democrat had talked of a storm in recent days criticizing the administration's approach sure yeah and the Middle East now I'll keep talking one rule on this if you talk about impeachment that be great I I was I was led to believe this was a speech about impeachments arrayed yes Sir it's going on anyway welcome folks welcome to the program we call what's on your mind I find myself needing to have a couple of laughs hearing there to stay sane because I feel like any day now they're gonna come and take me away because I I'm I'm welcome to my life I am just just like I'm watching a bad movie play out in front of us this makes no sense none of this makes any sense at all I get it Democrats hate Donald Trump because he has in three years time transform the game of politics right I guess they don't like what he's done with the economy rebuilding our military giving our enemies across the board fear of Hey what what what what you gonna do next that's a good thing many many things but never get any attention one example is today that there being on a website from the White House called find treatment dot org I'm sorry dot gov find treatment dot gov and it's all about the opioid crisis it isn't just talk it isn't just the press coverage they get people rose that what can we do that will make this better on all kinds of things our farmers and ranchers are respected again I could talk the entire two hours of this program about what's better maybe we should do that one day but CNN says he's already so yeah and they say that your dog sniffs but still so don't was more Hale doors lots kilowatt Morty anyone so here's what I want you to know you're not crazy ninety five percent Republicans in this country support the president ninety five percent guess what I think I'd be hard pressed to find fifty percent of Republicans who are truly fighting for him in Congress two of ninety five percent Republicans out in the districts out in the hinterlands out and up you know fly over country real America say we support this guy the same amount of folks representing us be doing that in Washington DC Republicans half to come up with a better strategy now one in my mind this is all about reelection they're not going to succeed on impeachment no way no how this is ridiculous I got even more stupid yesterday if that's possible we can't see below sea proposing what you proposed we'll talk about that a little bit on the program today with an expert on packed that little bit is that what it what's going on here what what is what the founders give us you know in the way of a road map here what why are we doing this year before the election but I want to get into the actual you know that's the bolts of procedure and how this is mostly done but the point is they're not going to go there and you saw the letter from Lindsay Graham Mitch McConnell senator Thurmond senator Kramer and all but a handful of senators saying sorry you're not gonna do that and then expect come over here and get an impeachment it's not gonna happen so it's it's not gonna happen so what we need to worry about in my mind his fighting back against the effort to make the story a flawed crazy impeachment process we need to find a way to how do we do that I'd ask you are fine audience on the program how do you fight this what are you fighting Donald Trump junior has a new book out it's called triggered we'll have a monsoon to talk about it do you have a clip cabin of Donald Trump junior on fox and friends this morning when he was I thought very artfully explaining what we are up against so we need to realize what we're up against the way the opponents of Donald Trump view the world view of the country okay listen to this closely this is about his response the socialism and then doing business in internationally ideology that's now being pushed sure on Americans as a mainstream thought my grandparents were still in my grandmother was alive in tears wonderfully you can't let this happen to this country you can't let socialism and communism coming here it always sounds so good on paper and then it destroys everything and in your family built this empire there's a story when I was down in Washington this weekend that yeah the family is thinking about selling the lease to these people trump hotel down in Washington will listen we'll explore the reality is this everyone saying we're getting so rich off of the we can't sell or get a rent rooms to people who are in other governments right we voluntarily did that week we can maximize the assets that they have in their still writing about that we literally volunteered to not do any new international leaning toward doing it mostly what happens right the reality is that unlike hunter Biden who magically became an international businessman the second his father stepped on that world stage as VP we've been international business people for decades but we can't even do those kind of deals anymore we can't even continue and because we chose not to because we didn't think was appropriate so that's the double standard the media's all your enriching yourself with like but we literally stopped he literally started when he had the the first chance he got to take advantage of his father's office we did exactly the opposite but again when you look at the world through the mainstream media's lands they see but Daddy as an austere religious scholar but they see Nick's Sandman a fifteen year old high school kid in a mother had they see him as a home grown terrorist this is the sickness that were up against and it's pervasive and it's getting worse because trump derangement syndrome is real and the only cure is four more years there you go this is the sickness were up against and it's not just the mainstream media it is the left is a leftist it is the Democratic Party all right your hunter Biden magically became an international this is our motto is very good is very very good but knowing more up against that people would think this way you don't have to inform your actions going forward so Mike my question is what's the best way to do this Republicans have blown this workers have been worthless Republicans are part of the reason that the the the the president has had to fight as long as that a fight on this effort if not fought well.

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