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Picks made in the metro era. My guest today is alan cirque former ryder alcoholic allen. Thanks join me again. We'll be back on. Yeah we'll have fun the first time around and this is going to be interesting here as we dive into the two thousand and nineteen season second to last year for thomas mitchell and dan quinn for that matter with the atlanta falcons. Let me set up. What got us into this season so obviously the two thousand eighteen season was absolutely by injuries. Numerous starters were out for extended periods of time during the year Several guys such as kiana. Neil missed the entire year and the team ended up finishing seven nine. They decided to fire. Offense coordinator steve's occasion and defensive coordinator. Marquand manuel dan quinn instead of hiring another defensive coordinator promoted himself to defensive coordinator in the takeover to play calling in two thousand nineteen And the most impactful move was the falcons hiring dirk cutter to be the offense coordinator and you know. I know we're here to talk about thomas dmitrov and what he did but allen. I just wanted to get your thoughts. Since we're here about the fact that they did bring dirk koetter back. And letting go steve sarkisian. Because if there's one thing the falcons podcast is we are definitely an anti dirk cutter podcast. So what refunds of them bringing back the former offensive coordinator eight days prior to them hiring. He was fired as ten base coach. Oh yeah yep. And that's those thing because you look at those atlanta tampa begging for the most part lineup beat them convincingly there were all that competitive. Especially when the falcons were really good twenty sixteen two thousand seventeen The higher i think it was viewed pretty underwhelming just because everything you heard about. Tampa bay was toxic organization. I know people could maybe reliable issued familiarity. But it's just there nothing but his experience everybody that built any enthusiasm but him coming back and maybe ryan you know his moves for matt ryan but i just think with the offenses are you see the new way you see not restart motion. Flash just seem like what cutter. Everything seems very archaic very old school. And that's what goes mccain for wish. But i do know people chance effect. They had that old report. Maybe a two thousand twelve season but it's just like who has that many of their color. And whether you refer to falcons of the bucks are many no and honestly. I think the falcons were hoping that they would reestablish the run after two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen circuits and did a good job of organizing the passing game but the running game fell off a bit. I don't know why you felt like dirt. Cutter was going to improve that. He never had a good running game. Atlanta never had a good running game in tampa You know just not anything that he was inch seemed interested in the guys would apparently just completely abandoned the run no matter what the situation so yeah. I've heard people argue that Bringing back dirk koetter was. What truly ended dan quinn some atlanta and i have a hard time disagree with that. I think he absolutely tanked the offense and was a big factor. Can't dispute that if you just at the time when that happened people just so sick of sarkissian at this point. They're just they want anything so there is a proposal cutter and you're gone to a little bit just because i was like okay. Maybe era. I just want to see matt ryan no back to his best but ethic by what week for that tennessee game which that's not see games stars like okay. This this is on. This is good and then by november just like all right gotta go. Yeah going left them. We ran it back again. And and that's what we saw this year so fun times all right. Let's talk about the free agents. What happened in that period. Just got a little over a year ago. It seems like a lifetime As you and. I were talking before we got started. Allen one of these things which will get to in a second felt like it happened a decade ago was just not even not even two years ago at this point but the first thing was for the first time in a long time the falcons ended up using their franchise tag and they used it on defensive. Tackle grady jarrett. I can't remember the last time they used it. I think it may have been with. Michael keenan are former punter. The year before he left and went to tampa bay. But in this case with gregg jarrett they at the last second. I want to say it was the day before the franchise tag would have been locked in. They did workout in the new deal with him for years. Sixty eight million dollars. Forty two and a half million guaranteed nowhere near the aaron. Donald money that some people were scared of but in my mind a great value for fantastic player. What are your thoughts on getting that deal done with arguably our best defensive player in longtime absolutely i'd be coke like in july might be like ours. It might be like four hours before it was really edinburgh. People wondering rather as arkansas. He thinks he's dollar. That's the will never like an agent And really know who's asian is. There was like some coat that came out and just gives them. It gives like a stick on player. I think everyone knows great chair. He's like most likeable players he dislodged. The community is a great teammates. I've never heard a bad word about mci decisively. I interviewed jack crawford. While same day he got extension or it got the new deal and general You can have put him in like a higher pedestal. Jarrett's just type of player. You want your locker that the centerpiece of your defensive line. He just turns player what he does against run. He's really evolved as pass rusher so that was done because a defense day is consistently seems to be in rebuilding mode. He's wanted through consistent difference makers and you keep players that you could be the siamese your yeah the people who didn't want to give him aaron donald. I can understand that to an extent. But if you're looking at guys you know in that defensive tackle tier obviously aaron. Donald is in a tier by himself that basically just separate him from everyone else. I think he can make a strong case. Grady jarrett is in that next year underneath the aaron donalds. He's a guy like you said. Great against the rhine arguably one of our best pass rushers just devastating up the middle and the most consistent you know and that is something this defense with no help around him for a long period of time either on edge the next to him. He's still produces even when the other team knows. No one else is going to do anything so really really remarkable and and honestly the four-year deal allows him to really get another big contract at the end of this year because i think he was twenty five when he signed this one So he'll be twenty nine by the time this deal ends and he'll still have several good years in front of them so a good opportunity for him to get paid yet again In good for him he. My mind certainly deserves it. All right the we were talking about earlier before you can get into like the free agent departures. All this stuff was the matt bryant fiasco and for those who don't remember yes. This was two thousand and this was talking about earlier completely forgot that this was this season the previous year in two thousand eighteen bryant missed several games due to injury. Giorgio vecchio Came in and basically hit every single kick while he was filling in for matt bryant The team carried both of them on the roster through the remainder of the two thousand eighteen season which to be clear carrying two kickers on your roster is weird as hell. No the nfl. does it. Accept the falcons apparently And into the season falcons cut matt bryant Instead of letting him compete with tha vecchio and camp and alad tobacco basically had a meltdown a mental meltdown. In camp. it got so bad. They they brought in blair walsh at one point to come and compete. You're right and i think they ultimately ended up bringing back matt bryant. Who was essentially counting towards the cap. Twice for the falcons in two thousand and nineteen So with that recap what were your thoughts on. How the the falcons organization sort of handle all that because it seemed like just a complete bungling of that entire situation remember preseason games washington and the made it clear the jets and are subject. You missed a couple. It just seemed like in september. There was a few things that they should have handled. It went down saliva. They all think map. Bright humans like we won a moore julio's kind of holding out get his new deal till like the day before the vikings game. So who's a certain things going on. Just like why. We're talking about franchise mainstay map. Brian lou..

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