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At first as a matter now his ki K. Hernandez three nothing Dodgers at the top half of reading number one the first offering is in for a strike yeah Tracy Pollock hit that home run but he was beat by the pitch we kind of ended up fight it off but they showed me the dog out in the look on his face is like this is a great country is that look like I love this country like when you can hit balls like that it's it's kids out for a home run weekly club runs there is the one is when you get a mess that was the change of PK Hernandez over top of it her name is it to twenty four fourteen home runs I need you to coach Mookie Betts up a little bit more make that play you had some one on one time with me today cited to see how that translates to the to the batter's box tonight I I you know you're telling America on the Twitter accessing the tweets by the way I think that's the best way to the booth that I was advising him to pull the ball more the too is inside you make it sound like they made it sound like I did with chipper Jones even though I didn't tell chipper Jones not this week at the first pitch I just asked him why he wasn't and then he didn't and he got a strike he got mad it's the way you ask though you ask in a way that makes people like say you know what I'm gonna try that the one to it is a little bit low is have this way about you I feel like we're having one of those marital conversations it's like honey I don't want you to do the dishes I want you to want to do the dishes so it's not that I ask it's it's just the way the way I yes ma'am the tone in the energy behind it make a couple some they don't normally do that to to swing a broken bat roller short Bogart's up with it under hence the second to get the out there inning over but politics weren't in the right field foul pole a three run Homer we go to the bottom of the first the Dodgers three the red Sox come at a bad this is Sunday night baseball.

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