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But this was king and anyway, so we were kind of wrangled not really asked or anything. Sure. Just recruited, right, but my but yes, she's an actress and still she's on stranger things actually. Good. Yeah, she's place flow. Who is the sheriffs. Secretary on stranger things. I did not know that was your sister, Susan. That's crazy. She's well, she's marvelous. She's amazing, wonderful stage actress to been on Broadway. The whole thing you know at. So when she would. But you play when you were six. That had had a affect lasted a while. I I, it's funny. I thought about this a lot, and I've told that story people say, oh, so what was the first thing you were in about? And I go back to that story and I giving this enormous amount of thought, but you know, that was just something that you. We did so many things when we were kids, we played sports and we did this and we had hobbies, and we tried this and I wonder how come that one thing stuck. Yeah, and I, I'm thinking now in retrospect that maybe wasn't just being put because my brother we were then a couple of years later we were put in another play at that school and in my brother, who's about a year and a half older than me, he and I did it together. It was carousel, I think they had kids, whatever, and he didn't become an actor wonder. So then I had this other. Kind of distant memory. I mean, I feel like I'm talking to my shrink. Sure. But that happens also that wouldn't be the first time unite. Or you sat across Maju with a beard. God. There was I remember going to a play with my mom when I was little and I, it was either a community theater because it was no professional theater. Then it was either academic theater or community theater. Yeah. You had to go to the big city to see real professional Milwaukee, Chicago anyway. I, I'm not sure if I went. I think my sister was in this or something, and that's why we were going maybe multiple times. I don't really remember. I remember the play, but there was a incident where one of the actors. Was was kind of comedy. I guess one of the actors had a fake mustache in during the course of very animated seen his mustache loosened. And it was sort of flapping sheriff or few minutes. It was becoming pretty obvious and hilarious, and at some point it, it really got loose and he just pulled it off and ad-libbed to the other actor. And Furthermore you're going to buy me a new mustache or so, and the audience loved it because he was, he was just trying to play the moment..

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