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In the shame morris era two thousand aids is that right yeah okay well it was ccs sixteen orchard lake had fifteen brother rice 'backtoback years and fourteen of thirteen all sound the two thousand twelve as well and see see in two thousand eleven so there superiority there yeah go dow uh there's been a lot of parity over the last five six years and each team taking their turn taken their dips in their highs and lows in third and tan from look at a roddy was chased by lebar morgan immediately ran at that far silent as he saw that pressure come hendershot stopped him short of the first down to gain at the thirty stopped at the 25 so about a fourth n five coming up i to recall media today at orchard lake st mary's this year in they picked from the last the guy was picked last the division to the first first guy to get up there mike giardi so al bakker going to be better going to try to do our best we like our group is felt like can i feel bad for this guy right i here nine weeks later that guy is the one smilin' atop and he has the best team in the catholic league clearly this year point here by fraud pretty good want it boots back to the 35yard lied spitting across that one some good athleticism thereby anderson but he is bottled up as he crosses the thirty two the thirty five yard line in on the flip side it was george poor eaglets who were picked finish first and you know about that stimulus moves picked finished fourth finished first team that was picked finish first finished fourth in st mary's as they had just two wins this year on the season 3 games we wanna think pia said sports again there are official outfitter of the detroit catholic high school it gave the week added some quarters dipped a couple of weeks ago and some more polls for us station personnel coming as well so we thank them for all they do for catholic league athletics us here at the patriot single wide receiver to the side generates rolling out he moves to the forty yard line sliding down just shy of the forty good tackle to.

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