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Convenience store. The armed assailant who has been struck by gunfire turns and fires back in mister Williams direction. 9 shots exchanged, the clerk, James Williams, took a fatal shot. The suspect Ronald Jackson will be charged for armed robbery with a firearm, but will not face murder charges. The second perpetrator is still at large. In Martinez, Alice works, case CBS. In an effort to offer more police transparency, San Jose is rolling out a new website aimed to make it easier to access records of officer misconduct. Keith manconi explains. So here, if you go to the independent police auditor official San Jose website San Jose's deputy chief innovation officer, Stephen Keynes, giving walkthrough of the city's new web portal, which offers digital access to police records made available under SB 1421 that California's police transparency law, covering police use of force or incidents of alleged misconduct. Independent police auditor siobhan nuri says that law has been a game changer. But it's also been difficult for average people to use now though. We've thrown all the responsive records on a dashboard, easily accessible to most anybody. Beyond transparency, the hope is that drawing together these records could also act as a deterrent for future police misconduct. It may, in some sense, create a deterrence for officers to be less likely to do unlock the rest or search to seizures. Now, I don't know if that will happen, but it is something I would hope to see. In San Jose, Keith manconi, we are following a Sam trans bus crash in daily city. This is at the target parking lot at Sarah Monty center, at least ten cars were hit a bunch of shopping carts strewn all over the parking lot. One lodged underneath the bus and there are several injuries. We'll get the very latest with Kim vestal and bob butler is on his way to the scene on kcbs. Join us at Odyssey, as

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