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North's point. Everything given inbound 70 from Han Kang Candy. Good morning. You're looking good right now. And he just thought of something If I And what we were talking about. With Indiana Avenue serious about this rain thing this I could get postponed. If we have some weather on the ground. Obviously, you can't pay if it's raining this I know. Traffic sponsored by Kroger Mobile market say 5% off all prepaid wireless cards. A Kroger download the digital coupon and Kroger dot com and save all year, 5% off all prepaid wireless cars for one year with digital Cooper on restrictions. Apply C store for details. I meant there were traffic on the fives. Twitter at WNBC Traffic. Randy Allah Switch TV meteorologist. What's going on? Yeah. Hey there, Tony, grab the reindeer today. Radar does show some awesome rain showers out there moving into Marion County. Right now. Little Fockers from heavy showers and city south southeast side echoes down across to the Shelby County area and the rain showers in and out, Maybe some rumbles of thunder. Nothing severe high temperature of 78 degrees for tonight Cloudy with scattered evening showers. Low temperature 65 should be a better day on Friday, becoming partly sunny. Still chance of the spotty thunderstorms. High temps for 82 degrees and that we can't and not bad. Still, a chance of a thunderstorm Saturday hide near 80 and a better chance of scattered thunderstorms again on Sunday, and on Sundays I temperature Tony right around 78 degrees. That is Randy Olives, of which TV Randy. Thank you 73 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time right now is seven or six Thiss hour on 93. WNBC Power by Pierce Jewelers, Carmel's family owned diamond engagement Ring store. You help, saying that they would like for the Indy 500 Do you consider running without fans? Tony Katz 93 ofyou, ibc..

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