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Sony reports the father of the ten year old hicksville boy says his son told him a driver came up to him making crude remarks asking some section of quite tense. He's geared something happened to my son did sweaty heartbreaking. It all happening in a residential neighborhood on Gables drive around. three forty five in the afternoon on tuesday the boy walking away as quickly as he could from the driver and going home telling his parents police have released a sketch of the wanted man who was driving a light grey or silver sedan jennifer sony w. o. r. need state assembly has passed sweeping reforms to protect new yorkers from workplace harassment earlier this year the legislature held hearings to receive testimony from victims along with advocates and experts regarding sexual harassment in the workplace now under the bill new york's human rights law would be expanded to cover all employers in the state current law excludes employers with fewer than four employees the bill also eliminates part of a defense which allows employers to avoid liability for harassment simply because an employee failed to file a complaint or follow a particular reporting procedure new jersey transit and amtrak riders delays at penn station today following overhead wire issues and resulting Power loss this morning. James flippin has details. A chaotic morning on the rails as several trains became stuck inside the tunnel heading into New York. Penn station. As a little stuffy at times we have the air and at times, it wouldn't have the air number of trains, bypassed penalty together and headed to Hoboken. Oh, we're going to go to Hoboken instead, but then, like the last second, actually, we're going to go to Secaucus, because the power came back on, I've never experienced from, like this, where everything's just the spended Amtrak cancelled the number of trains and delayed others. But this writer isn't about the head for the airport. I I'd rather rather be on the ground than fly. It may sound at Penn station. I'm James flippin.

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