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I don't care if he's got five stories bouncing out. I'm guilty and got them out and take away his mother's pension. I think, um I think you make a very interesting point regarding MacArthur and Mattis. Of course, MacArthur had to be fired. Mattis, you know, resigned because he disagree with the president on policy and Middle East, according to Syria, But But this is a whole different story. Here. This is this is a chairman of the Joint Chief of staff scheming. Allegedly. I was about point that allegedly because there's the Woodward book. You never know what Woodward The scheming with the speaker of the House. And others demanding a loyalty oath to Millie. From his fellow generals and flag officers. Uh and then warning The Chinese That if there was an attack coming that he would give him a heads up. That makes MacArthur looked like you know, a a buck private just coming out of Out of training. I mean, it's it's just outrageous. Bob, Thanks so much for the call, appreciate the historical historical reference there in the lesson, because it really again I'd say he has to be given the benefit of the doubt he is. He's a decorated military officer. I don't personally like the man. I think he's a woke general. But I do respect his service. But this is what would has to have known this is a career ender. For Millie if it's true Up next Reggie Littlejohn will be here to talk about military health advisors in the Biden regime. Stick with us..

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