Noah Syndergaard, Mets, Blue Jays discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast


Leading the head of the rotation being the face of that team but now noah syndergaard definitely seems like he's very comfortable in that role and it's think if you actually look and see how how to noah syndergaard get on the mets he wasn't drafted by the mets he was actually part of the ra dickey trade if you guys remember back way back when when our dickey was the rave a baseball we'd knuckleball pitcher who won the cy young award are he was traded to the blue jays and in return the blue jays gave the mets noah syndergaard oh and travis dr no one of their better headers and a nice little catcher there for the for the for the new york mets then then also did well in the world series when they got or in that playoff run so interesting things to talk about in the in the east as just i thought like i said before the nationals we're going to run away with that one but it looks like they're gonna might have a little bit of of trouble or just a little bit some battles throughout this whole season because they're gonna be playing all those teams nineteen times the marlins looking like they're just going to be the marlins black we kind of expected but the braves are going to have have an upstart year we'll see if they can keep that going throughout the season looking like definitely having a good start and then the new manager down in or not down but over in philadelphia for the phillies gave kappler has young phillies squad looking like they might be able to just hang in there for a little bit and maybe fight for a second wildcard kinda just be a nuisance to the marlins to the nationals in their run for the al and ollie's crown.

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