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I a weight onto fan al gore of our radio program joe unedited amid day eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six is evolving although we for another hour will actually less than an alan out two o'clock way the afternoon drive will call view away maggie grebak scott chris call adult grandma already pasta audio decided glass we had a loaded showed that ivory calling again on buddy of roller it's been fun foul heroes don't you think about baseball can take a call for like the first hour and a half really we ever duda we've been making up for now well yeah we got an hour our to talk to you tollfree numbers brought to you by mohegan son connecticut mark is in long beach good afternoon mark how are you i'm good i'm a big i was a big ada fan and you were talking about old doctor jay sales down did acquired by a couple of things one of them was that he was holding out he had signed a sevenyear contract which had four years left the run and he was refusing reported he said he claimed that white boeing told him that he would renegotiate its deal with he went to the and they went into the nba which one is not the case that didn't happen uh there was no such stipulation in the contract and the other thing was in terms of them offering to the knicks mike burke was a person it that the knicks at the time and they offered them to the knicks in exchange for the sixmilliondollar indemnification payment mike burke said no i'm not gonna do that i'm not going to rick you'll franchise well he was actually looking out for the good of beleaguered in for the good of the to do it and then they won't put him to philadelphia in philadelphia said chuo will wreck you champion mark mike burke who also was with the yankees he was in all applauded you with the yankees back before steinbrenner at some point.

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