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A3rdi haven't seen it also commended at the only bly yet think alike john in covington afflicts on june thirteen is a hello on broadwaynow we don't single out comedy specials very often on the show but since netflixing is releasing an onslaught of them this year at if we want to highlight this one as one to checkout usually at put comedy specials on though on a ticket nap but dont do that for this one i saw over low on broadway in person last fall and it was honestly the best piece of life comedy slash diederwhateveri've seen in my anti lifewhile and you're a trained to our i've seen a lot of stuff and like this was really fresh a half of the shows improvised and then the other half is this really you know i loosely structured sort of story that allows room for improvisation i if you're not familiar with the premise of the show it's it's stems from two comedians nick role and johnmullany who play two elderly upperwest side roommate's named gilfis on endorsing egeland respectively who have their own cable access tv show called a too much tuna i already either a they've been these characters for i think like decades like it something they both started off a doing at very young age together i feel like all its missing is stevebro uh yeah it's it's definitely like a sketch it started from scratch comedy um but as i said the plays largely improvise in every night they would have a different guest on the show uh the the broadway show to get pranked with a sandwich that would have entirely too much tuna it's really really funny and if you wanna see to actors that are able to fully inhabit their characters to the point where they can just think like them and spout out whatever would come to the top of their mind in that given situation you definitely need to check out a hello i can't wait.

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