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Of it alive? There's only one way twenty fifteen there's only one way that is perfume and or makeup. I don't know if they do I make up line do fragrance now. But then people like Marc Jacobs who has a very prominent perfume line just launched a makeup line that they were selling it Sephora. And now they're going to be selling Neiman, Marcus, maybe and then also online so they're now expanding into a higher to a higher market because the new markets customers very different than the Sephora customer and there there. Yeah. And then they're widening their product offerings. So obviously, it's doing well, if they're expanding and, you know, getting deeper into it because my Marc Jacobs, just stop doing Mark by Mark. Right. That doesn't exist anymore. He's not working for Louis. Vitton anymore. Yeah. So I wonder if he just Maher mar Martinez now, and that's the only brand you has wonder if I wonder if it's a sign of his success in that line or if it's a sign of trying to figure something out organic scrambling. We know this is gonna make money. Let's do this. We can fill our. Bottom lines to keep the brand afloat. Yeah. I mean that guys names on fucking everything. I know in this town can't throw a rock and hit markets, purse, literally merits. Yeah. Yeah. Also, his Instagram is amazing. Dog standing. Dogs instagram. Amazing. He had this whole big over. I don't new years or Christmas or just like that whole sort of holiday ish. Yeah. Some of the guest Instagram posting I have ever seen. It was on marquee cubs. They had to go thing on a drone. Just like this sea of silt tend reputable Yuda fall Damon in the middle of southern California, Mexico where the word it was like like, what's it called Palm Springs?.

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