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But we all know that styles fights and one fighter could struggle against somebody just based on the kind of style their present to them. So I don't necessarily think that that means anything, but I will give him after salute credit for what he was able to do in a situation where many pack was neighbor to do it. But also. Now on to say that no go ahead. Gonna say. We know that Jeff, orange and pack. We didn't it. Thoughts by that many people felt that pack your won that fight. But in addition to that by facts, Jeff horn won the fight and he got the boat now at that point Terrance coughing when he fall him had a better performance than Manny Pacquiao did. And that fight. Now. Agreed or in a how you wanna spend that. I mean, that's the objective minus opinion. But I think we all agree. That Crawford had a better performance. Mankato RV with the super chat RIP to bud tonight, and our p with the super-duper chat R P to bud tonight. Got any more thoughts on that audio before we go to the next? I mean, we can go to the next one man because I don't think in my opinion, Jeff horn win over an older, Manny Packer who scenes numbing excuse seem that he was taking Jeff horn, very lightly because many Packer was not looking to unify the other champions at that time. All right. Let's see what else. Mr. Crawford saying. I don't even know credit. Jeff one was a bum. Everybody out be they say about. You know, if I be. One of the other top welterweight. See see why he would. Why he'll saying because he no he wait call him bum in what saying? Damn. He was a washed up. He was overrated. Mike. Mike. Mike. You're if I'm listening. I'm listening is Jeff horn over rated. I think he's overachiever. All right. Mario is Jeff horn overrated since day one. Yeah. And Ron how do you feel about Jeff horn? And the question got bed, Geoff Hoon, be Americana. Now, not Mario Mario. I bet. He book I'm Khan ads right now. I you notice how he went to you just now just went all into mind. Okay. You had a chance no respect for your co host ever. My honest opinion. I think Jeff horn was gift a win. All right..

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