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Because. We think about that. So thin right I mean you can think of taking the thinnest material that you could imagine hanging holding up it would just crinkle it would it would blow away couldn't hold it it would tear. Reasons to think that this couldn't exist and yet it was discovered that you could just lay this out flat on a little substrate and there be a Adam thin layer material that you could put contacts on studied that you could put lights on that. You can image all sorts of things and all sorts of new behaviors abuse. It is a transparent. Is, it is so clippers material like this was graphene. Carbon in a lattice structure That just one atom on a surface and graphene his many many amazing properties including being transparent. So it's it's very strong. Highly conductive electrically into also transparent. So very interesting for transparent material applications. But since discovery of graphing, there's been a discovery of many many many more types of materials that can be made just one atom thick and have also all sorts of unique properties, and so there's just been a boom in our ability to create understand, manipulate these Shirley to d materials. And some of these I I don't know that the technical basis for this ninety of. Top? Logical materials. Yeah. So so you sort of get some sort of superconductivity on the edges something like that yeah yeah. So. Talk. Logical materials are another thing that's just been studied that been discovered in the past ten years from the rare case for these were. Predicted theoretically before they discovered experimentally. An in predicted, just someone looked at the electronic structure of it and said, you know if you have this material, the electronic structure should be. Inverted in this way where instead of having just a standard insulating material, you should get an insulating material that on the inside but has ducting surfaces on the outside. which is really crazy when you think about it, right I mean what would make a material? How does even know where the edges are anything and that's what tells you that there's something really crazy quantum mechanical about this. So it's gone. And so so one of that of that is in transistors, right? acidly yeah. These these conducting surfaces tend to have very low power dissipation. End they can transfer spin they can transfer electronic a quantum mechanical properties, electrons called Spin rather than charge preferentially. So that is also uses less energy and can move things without heating. So they could be used for interconnection possibly, they keeps pretty for specialized type of transistors on off switches. Fruit for different types of conductors possibly. It neither idiots interesting. These are either those these. These quantum materials are the things that we do my lot that we do research on..

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