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We'll even get your free shipping which a free hardcover case free pinned ball marker. That's pinned golf. That's kind of the Brooks Cap. Coup situation said he was really sick to like <hes> people go to work sick all the time. That's a very brooks kept. Go Line to say so people go all the time. That's a camp cap collide that is on the line. It's like Kinda funny yeah. He didn't bring it up at all until after his presser somebody asked him about it like Brooks kind of rumors you feel the weather and he's like Oh yeah. I've been sick all week like why didn't you. You didn't talk about that at all these. I don't need to talk about people go to work sick all time which is great eight mile although I don't. I don't think that's I don't want people go into work. I thought that to know you. Don't you know I don't WanNa be hard on the altar cool. It's too but it's like if you've got a runny nose then you're all over the place. Stay I trust you so what's the catch twenty two right because you you know you don't want to skip out because then your boss like fuck you Kinda work then you're like well. If you show up sick here Dave like once a fire home yeah so the which as being around sick people you know what the move is. You show up appear really really sick for five minutes and then you get people do that. I mean I've done it once where like I really was. I think I had the fucking like the flu like majorly. I show them like a hi Dave. I just couldn't even what's wrong with you on like I don't know man I gotta go to Dr Make The track here and approved approved in front of him that you are actually say elevator opens you start crawling day. Let me get a thermometer senator your at his office. You're not as running onto the floor and he's like all right. Get outta here all right now then he gets me he's like why did you even show up for. This moment came in here this moment right here. The show is look inside my bloodshot eyes even when he says why even show up he's probably like all right. He's actually sick. That's worth it enough and then you go home I agree with that but Kepco a warrior out there Sergio Garcia Uh slamming his club into the ground into teebox heating kind of snap book or something in the water over there in Spain because we got a couple I mean these guys are just crazy. They're just pure saint there. Is They have a deal you know Sergio. Garcia has a temper problem. He's now proven it with his out. I mean I saw him when I put it in the blog yeah the Saudi Arabia was the bunker and then at the open. He threw his driver at his caddy. Then this latest one in Memphis he takes a huge chunk out of the box was a Saudi Arabia when he was dragging his feet around the Greens ruin that green damage seven green yeah yeah go you show out of the tournament you sir gotta go behavior of a drunk person. Ruining seven green worst the slamming onto the tee box. If I was filmed with like a Iraq what kind of Cam saying the clip I mean it was the first camera ever invented they put on the back of this T- <hes> but man was that a clean chunk hit the ground. He's done that before that was it was a perfectly slammed club. Hilson swung at like six times yeah yeah and then there was the from Saudi Arabia the only clip that we had was him in the bunker like five back and forth like Hughes Fog Snow Angel. Basically I think the format they say is like a really good form of <hes> <hes> brooming like like a sweeping sweeping he was doing a sweeping effect but this year too yeah in Sweden and send I and a little bit crazy. He's like you one. Your major dude like out on the last year has been as like worst year of acting now yeah he got. He won the masters and then he got married. It's like things are great but who should be good on paper. They're good yeah does too in his interviews and all that he seems like back off course through some horrible stuff where jacket to Wimbledon member that guys like like he's made a ton of money he finally want his major and that major was a the masters what's wrong dude. It's pretty crazy man fine something's wrong. I don't know what is wrong. Something in there is wrong man Sergio Garcia. I <hes> he's got an interesting thing going onto onto. He I noticed this right away that I'm GonNa read this quote but he <hes> after the whole of Saudi Arabia incident. I thought it was really interesting that he didn't do very many like media and then he just started ramping up his social media he presents and it was like is instagram's. Stories are always him shaking hands with like the military votes tournaments and then the next one would be like a professional photographer picture of him like holding a sick kid and then the next it'd be given an autograph Graf to like a young girl and that was like the only pictures in in social media stuff he ever put up so so bad uncreative P._r.. Agency got a hold of him inside the big well so Alan ship now who's a golf dot com rider who was on my band the trip this past week in great dude <hes> Golf magazine. He's he's a very very accomplished writer and he does a lot of these profiles and you know he's he's golf. Journalist is it gets and he said he tweeted out yesterday about somebody. Responding kind of talking about we're talking about <hes> <hes> Alan showed I said I spent much of this spring pitching Sergio his wife and his handlers on I big golf MAG feature but they decline they prefer to tell their story through social media posts but I think fans are clever enough to see through that artifice so he essentially is exactly what we're saying which is like he went in with this whole choice of like. I'm going to do this cool P._r.. Campaign and everybody's GonNa buy it. It's not all of us. Keep putting out a video. Once a month of you being a fucking lunatic on the golf course no no one's buying your no. You're still photos. You're kissing babies still think if you green screen behind legitimately you only people works for and there's zero these people out there who only follow Sergio and that's the only social media they follow if they follow one person Sergio. They're like this is the greatest guy this guy although so rare person that's following him on instagram and not actually paying attention to golf executives not many of those out. There's can't miss the actual stuff that's happening with him. There's gotta be there are just I'm sure they're just huge Sergio fans like if you went and looked on his instagram comments. I bet they're all Babo's we love you. I guarantee you just love that. <hes> so that Sergio he's kind of crazy column more cowo- one that <hes> <hes> six career start for the youngster graduated two months ago from college is couple months ago a lot of people talking about he and Matthew Wolf now in the last month getting wins break in through the young guys you kinda throw them into the mix with what what is somehow. I'm not like the true anymore which is like speed J._t.. And those guys <hes> towards men who are young shit but more callup led lights out e- <hes> could've won a couple of weeks ago when <hes> when Matthew Wolf did win he was right there. <hes> <hes> Wolf made that Putnam Pike so he was he was right in the mix <hes> and has been up there a couple times only sixth to rear start breaks through and gets the W <hes> was in kind of the <hes> the non W._G._c. type of tournament where you had to really kinda grind to find out what was happening but there's a lot of drama down the stretch and <hes> and he came through so he clearly is proven that he's clutch good for him congratulations. I won't talk about the Barstool classic today. Nice <hes> not go. I thought you were GonNa Start Clapping with you. Had put your hands up without where you're just GONNA. I wasn't going to like all right. No I wasn't okay class is just GonNa talk about all right. Let's do that talk so first of all Zaba was out there and he was electric for anyone. Who is our Zimbabwean midget Yep with a good voice yep? He's got pipes. He's going to have to little body on them he does he. I yeah we're GONNA hear about him at the classic in a second but he was also a pop puck years the hype man for Popeye Mom's seventy a picture of her dancing with Zaa and it was a blurry picture and they must have been moving their hips pretty quick because he was one of those pictures. It looked like they were one hundred miles. An hour and I just didn't even asking the questions. The bottom line is abso- brings. It sounds like you brought it today. Manziel brings exit. He just got a passion he gets really excited about stuff and so we you know we always at the at the bar so classic golf events we try to make each one of them unique and different and fun and so we try to get national anthem singers singers and at the first one <hes> we had totta Angela. Who was the Boston Bruins guy who is also a bartender at the garden <hes> yeah? He's a bartender at the garden really yeah and he the way he got his GIG was <hes> <hes> they win rene rank or who did it and the Boston Garden forever when he retired last year they had a couple of new different people come in this year. Whatever and I guess at one point they had some emergency where whoever ever was supposed to be in there couldn't do it so they they knew that they had this guy todd who had done a couple of things here and there whatever and they went up and grabbed him and we're like hey we need you sing music? Okay win. They're like like fucking right now and he went down hang dominated it and then <hes> continued to sing the national anthem here and there throughout the year and then somebody told me that when they played the <hes> the leafs in the first round that he is like there <hes> Canadian national anthem guy like he can just he's the guy that I do both and so they're like oh we gotta go with. We're GONNA lead with todd off the year to kick off the postseason yeah and then they want they like what are we going to not go without so then they stuck with them for the whole postseason so he was there guy nicest fucking guy the planet that lives in Rhode Island drives up so we reach out to him got him to come seeing the national anthem at the first barstool classic <hes> up at Walston up in the Boston area that was during the Stanley Cup final which Saint Louis Blues one but <hes> congratulations. We're not talking about how we were doing. Pop punk and you know at one point. I think they were like tune in the instruments in between songs so there was a little lull from maybe like five seconds huge crowd erupted to the right polluted Gloria Gloria Gloria Gloria laureate ahead kept happening to happen happened like three or four times. I think why he was behind. I haven't talked he was sort in that area. I I just screamed no and then ruins your said Yeah you can get the fuck Outta here. Wow there's like twenty guys screaming Gloria. They had to be like we were supposed supposed to break out in glory like how he's played Gloria. She play the song with the insurance play. Damn Song Frank Jesus play any other saw yeah by Gloria has like <hes> doesn't have like tech like <hes> like since Simpson since in the bag. That's a keyboard yeah. It's a keyboards that you guys got fired. Oh Dude fucking. That's true fact you just listed a fact C._B._D.. Top mistreats right now for a lotteries. You can do a bunch of things with it. <hes> Med Tara C._B._D.. They've got innovative products that are just perfect for golfers good morning for mental clarity cooing cream for muscle soreness and aches our whole crew out abandoned which we're GONNA talk about. <hes> was rocking this mid Tara C._B._D.. Rocketed left and right putting it on their body taken. It just gets it done. It's endorsed by P._G._A.. Tori golfers like Charlie Hoffman Lucas Glover U._S. Open champion Love Lucas Lover bears sympathetic towards Lewis Clever yeah and therefore whatever he does and ties into just relax into he absolutely needs to needs to find things that help him and you know kind of relax and that's exactly what Matt Tarazi but he does <hes> they supply products twenty five plus P._G._A.. Tour players they're the most used on tour that is validated that legit they go direct to golf. Retailers like Roger Dot Gov shops Edwin Watts.

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