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Decision has been made regarding the immigration status of joe judy's don't believe the rumors we spoke to a vp of current production here at bravo who is going to be on a guest in a couple of weeks and she also had no other information yet there was really interesting because she's worked on real houses of new jersey from the beginning yes she said she came in on like the last episodes of season one of new jersey right and i mean season two and three were out of this world so i can't wait to get the full stories from her right arm with everyone really talk to her about everything yes yeah and then we'll see if there's any new breaking news on the judge as case in the next couple of weeks the other big piece of news this week is that former housewife of orange county alexis blue and her husband jim are getting divorced megan was very affected by this news i y i mean here's the thing it's like when tamra and simon got divorced i knew it was for the best because tamra was clearly unhappy but alexis and jim always seemed very in love and yes they didn't have a marriage that everyone swooned over they said some very polarizing things because they're very religious and the whole the man is the head of the household my husband my kids right but i also firmly believe everyone's marriage is different and you have to do it works for you and i thought they were really in love in how many years of marriage be married in two thousand five so they've been married for a little over thirteen years so thirteen years of marriage so that's just and they cited what irreconcilable differences yes reconcilable differences but they have three kids boy in the twin girls i was going back actually in reliving some of my favorite alexis in jim moments you don't we had them talking about the time they first met and vicky fell asleep on them shaved jesse griffin thirsty so which one is it to say how many cocktail she hadn't where she had him in where she was wearing.

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