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No Giuliani of those days silence to the booze and gave a gracious concession And in a loud and angry time, David Dinkins was quiet and dignified. Wilbur Rich wrote a book on him. A lot of people thought that something was gonna happen that was revolutionary. But he reassured them that he was not that type of person that he was really He was not the mayor of black people. And in New York he was the mayor of everybody. Think it's called his diverse city a gorgeous mosaic. He oversaw the start of the revival of Times Square. The city remained divided later, admitting he should have moved sooner to a stop a riot in 1991. Certainly I would have insisted sooner. In Crown Heights that the police did a better job. Would not have tolerated that as long as I did, then conserved only one term, Giuliani ran again and defeated him in a divisive campaign in 1993. Afterward, Dinkins had advice to aspiring black politicians. You need to be appropriately motivated. If you want to be mayor or whatever, because you want to serve people and make the lives of others better than you will succeed. If it's in you, this is NPR news. And you're listening to morning edition here on W. N. Y C. The National Zoo in Washington, D C. Announce the name of its latest Internet star are thousands of people sent the zoo there. Suggested names for the four month old giant panda cub will hear more about that coming up little bit later this hour here until you won my c 42 degrees. Now heading up to 47 Today, sunny skies tonight more clouds with low around 40 degrees. Tomorrow, getting a little bit warmer. A high near 55 degrees. It's 6 30. W N. Y C supporters include the Guggenheim Museum opened for inspiration. Visitors can discover Art and Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic building without the crowd's more information and guidelines at Guggenheim daughter Warg. W.

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