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I differentiate between what I called solid backups, and if he backups, and then I also had a group of guys at the very bottom that I looked at it as guys who would actually probably hurt most teams because they're either so bolt on a minute or the can't shoot or the bend your whole style. Or they just kill your defense of so many actually be. Interesting to talk about those guys. I so he here's what I had in that group. And then we can kind of parse out who we think of solid backups versus a not great backups. So here are the guys that I looked at as guys who actually are like are hurting your team if your most you know, if you're a team with a really bad offense. Maybe you just need someone like this to just create shot. So that your offense isn't just totally hopeless and it just runs so I had Colin Sexton there, if Sexton continues playing the the ways play the last month and a half or so he gets off this list lisp quickly. But the overall impact metrics and the usage for the entire year are atrocious of knees last in all of the impact metrics PI PM RPM a lot of that comes down to defense. You know, his offense is getting better be still in the negative on offense for the whole year. He's also still not distributing. Yes. He's become a way more effective individual score. But he's not passing it about more. He's not creating more value that way, which is I think for me having him in the solid backup category was a pretty big victory. For Sexton over where he started the season. Yeah. So other guys I had in this category. Dennis Smith, you know, another guy who gave me he just actually the some of the impact by tricks on his defensive improve this year. I'm not really buying that. I don't know why there'd be much better. Especially in some of the situations that he's been in you throw in. Also, the fact that you kind of forced his way out of Dallas, his shooting is very iffy. A little better than some of the guys on this list. At least in just has made to be efficient. Also said some health concerns rachana Rondo is on this list for sure one of the worst defensive point guards in the NBA at this point impact metrics have been awful really the last four or five years yet one year that was okay drink think was last year. He's shooting the ball better from three but not enough volume and team still don't guard him. He's still dominates the ball. He can't finish the Remmy never gets the foul line. He's not a positive other than just as an assist guy. But that's really more. You'll he's not creating the opening for guys. He's kinda standing. Top throwing it to guys use a great entry passer. But overall, I mean, you just can't other than looking at the assist line in the box score. You can't make an argument that he's a appears not hurting you at this point. I l I Peyton is kinda like many Rondo at this point, which is ironic that he took Rondos place on the pelicans. Isaiah Thomas budget pains me to say is in that category. Until further notice, Emmanuel moody and other guys these guys who just are not efficient. Take a bunch of shots dominate the ball and yard just dragging you down. Dennis shooter. Also is in that category..

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