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That was powerful Connor mcdavid coming off the right half. Orcs Edmonson on top of Minnesota to nothing steps in fix the shot at launches. Choctaw corner. Desperate trouble. He's gone. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence, Luca Danni. Chuck Cooper seen Dallas Mavericks radio network. I've seen his name a lot along with fellow Dallas athlete late Vander worthy of ten year deals than how about Connor mcdavid. He kind of feels like a slam dunk tomorrow basketball analogy, Jack, Jack Michael's and the Oilers radio network Ted Davis as well on the bucks radio network and Yoenis another one that I've seen a bunch of your tweets and your Facebook post. He's a unique skill set. But also, you can't coach body type you can't coach athleticism or size and his foot work and his skills to go along with that size. It's just a rare combination for me, Anthony Davis. I think I've investing in Anthony Davis a ten year deal. I put my list up on Twitter a law radio, but I'll share it with you. Now, these are this is not a complete list. Okay. So don't be freaking out. I mean, whatever you're gonna freak out anyway. So just freak away Anthony Davis and Donovan Mitchell out of the NBA, those are two guys that I would give tenure deals to Donovan Mitchell has been a fine. And I think in Salt Lake you have to lock a guy like that up because otherwise if there's a chance into part, then it takes away from Saint from Salt Lake's ability to recruit, it's it's not an easy place to get athletes to go to for obvious reasons. And so in in a situation where the guy like that a ten year deal can also help you build around him. I go Nathan MacKinnon and Connor mcdavid in the NHL. Nathan McCain is having one heck of a year career year in pretty much every category. If you project the numbers out over the the full season and he's coming off a year in which he had ninety seven points. Pat, Mahomes, I go Quentin Nelson the colts offensive lineman who just played all sixteen games. A major reason why Andrew luck was only. Sacked eighteen times. And then Bradley Chubb had to pick a guy the defensive side of the ball. And yes, Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack are phenomenal. But they're also twenty-seven. And so when you're considering the amount of pounding that these guys take in the trenches, I decided to go a little bit younger. We talked about Myles Garrett to I put I put Bradley Chubb in there. And then a major league baseball, Mike, trout and Christian yelich. So this is just a few for our toys ler Tuesday. Eight five five two one two four two two seven five five two one two four CBS Dwayne is in Baltimore. Welcome to after hours CBS sports radio. Thank you, very, Jamie. Hey, Amy, you know, the guy I'm talking about is Mark Jackson. Was the man in NFL history Lee. Eighteen. Playoff. Okay. Should've worn the Heisman Trophy. He came and took the raiders. Floor place the barrier. Then he came in and. The whole tea and you see what happened in the playoff when they launch. What do they do real quick? Offense coordinator does. Well, it tells me you got to find an OC that has a system that fits your quarterback. And they're they're in is the big problem. And and yes, he was the youngest quarterback ever to start a playoff game in NFL history. And he certainly saved John Harbaugh's job if Harbaugh decides to stay there. We're still kind of waiting on that there's a contract extension. But yeah, he turned around their season halfway through all of that is true. But what's also true is that he's got to be more of a pocket passer because not even Cam Newton with his big body size built like a linebacker can continue to be a dual threat QB. Not in this league. The defenders are too big there too fierce their physical there too fast. And so while it's working now for him to be a run first QB is not a viable long-term plan. Which is why at this point. I wouldn't give him a ten year deal. I need to see more out of his passing game. I. You see this passing game? When he let him go in the fourth quarter. You know, almost ten. You too. And Ben Ben said he did accept the game at that point out of reach. And so you have to put some stock in the fact that the defense is probably not playing as tightly as they were earlier in the game. I mean, the the chargers had that offense pegged they had to peg. They knew exactly what was going to happen. Exactly. How to stop it? And even when they were stuffing the box and even when they were stuffing the Ryan when it mattered. The Baltimore Ravens couldn't come up with an answer. Exactly, right. That's why you need another offense. I mean, you can only coordinate for the guy you've got you can't turn them into something. He's not. I mean, you can't. But, you know, just like our line at Mina lead the little tweet, you we had a guy on the list that is males coming out on loan blown away from me. Mas phone. Yeah. Because the guys it's coming in that projecting enough. How you doing over there the history he move when he's on the move. And he's holding the ball out for anybody to knock away that's on Lamar and he's got to take responsibility for the fumbles as much as yes. The protection helps. He's also got to take responsibility to as an NFL QB Dwayne. Thank you so much for your phone call. I don't agree with you. But I like your forward thinking it certainly could mean a lot for the ravens moving forward if they can get the right guys around him. Thanks so much for calling eight five five two one two four two two seven. Let's see on our Facebook page. Joseph says does Shawn Watson there's a quarterback again. Sometimes I worry about the pounding that he takes this year. How many times was he sat did he didn't reach sixty because I'm pretty sure going into the last game of the season. It was fifty something that he'd been sacked. So if you want to look that number up just so we have the final, but Joseph says, the Shawn Watson, Alex bregman Carlos Correa. So this is a Houston fan, which I like Josh on Facebook says Matt Murray from the Pittsburgh. Penguins. Jake, get soul as well. Let's see Anthony says Jaanus in his opinion. Milwaukee hasn't been able to hold onto MVP caliber players since their existence. Levi's has Luca. Danni, Terry Ronaldo kunia. Mark Frankie Lynn door. Baseball because there's not contact. It's a little easier to stomach to be short. Chris says Jeff Skinner, and Jack I go from the Buffalo Sabres. And then another tweet out. I'm sorry. This is Facebook. Facebook post is Mookie Betts and you've got a ton of answers as well. As on Twitter, AOL radio theft hours here on CBS sports radio. And Andrew bogusch. Is in studio. I've been waiting for hours to tell you what happened in yoga. I I really believe I need to rethink my encouragement of you going to yoga because I don't think you can handle it. If this happens to you. I don't think you can handle it. Thank you. I know. It's just you'll understand. I almost couldn't handle it. I nearly got kicked out of yoga because I was laughing my rear end off so yoga's. All quiet, right? We're we're doing poses with a strap. So essentially strap kind of goes on the bottom of your feet, and you use it to you know, to stretch muscles that you'd be able to do otherwise. So there's one particular post. She asked us to do where you put the strap on your feet, and then you kind stretch your feet upwards. But the idea is that you have to you're working on her back. So you have to bring your feet down you kind of lift your rear up a little bit. You know, almost like you're in a curl. He's coming to your chest. And you're putting the strap on your feet and when that happened. Here's what I heard. Okay. The guy next to be into it was dead, quiet. And I'm sure it's an honest thing. But I've I'm on that they're used to. And I I'm like, I'm right? I'm like, oh it happens. And I start to think about it. And I almost die laughing. Like, I'm just like. So you're the one that breaks host silence. No, I didn't. But you know, you ever had those moments where you're you don't think about something else. You are going to absolutely lose it. And so I started thinking about how to tell my mom what happened in yoga, and my mom. That's not a good idea bad last like I do and I knew we would both die. And so I own almost lose that you should see the grid. If the yoga. So he didn't say. Etiquette?.

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