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Dollars threshold for uniform status among private startups skyrocketed eighty percent in early trading. The shares ended the day up more than seventy two percent closing at sixty dollars the companies fully diluted market capitalization. Now exceeds eighteen billion starting at one billion. This is making me so mad because we have some proprietary technology here. Where's my eighteen billion dollars? I know. But it's like I'm like I watched too much American green. So socks are just sometimes like Zillow volatile so volatile. The stock market is just it's crazy. Underrated like gambling. And also, it's like once you go public, then you have to start answering people. And that's the thing about theranos. They never went public. So they never had to explain what the fuck they were doing. This is like an episode of. Jobs at diva this guy, he had started. He had made himself a company that went public and all of shareholders were allowed to like decide what he does like what is he for breakfast? But he fell in love with this woman in the shareholders, Bruce to get himself out of this contract that psycho. That's funny. Also, that's like Jeff Bezos, like the shareholders really can control your life. Right. Even though Jeff Bezos is the company he's just the creator of the company, so you should be there should be a level of distance. But people are obsessed. People are obsessed, but truly like I go on Amazon dot com and nothing that Jen faces sex to his girlfriend affects my users. And I don't think there's literally anything that could happen that would make me stop using Amazon unless unless in some way, someone told me that Jeff Beecher was just my friend Jif basis. Jeffries was the confirmed. Reincarnated spirit of Hitler. That is the only way out stop using Amazon. Yeah. Either. Then how to get information? Even in some way. It was one hundred percent like actually Hitler was. Okay. Hitler could never die. And he escaped came to America shaved his head and his beer became gypsies or like instead of that. Because he would be hundred years old. It would be just basis leaked text like where it's like, you know, final final plan. You know, how to kill all the Jews. Right. Honestly. I don't know. I just really love Amazon still using Amazon like my way to my down. There's very few things that could find like ends on his so deeply integrated like even for stagecoach, and it's Passover don't eat non kosher meat. So we need to stop our house with so much food. I went to instant I went to all these things grocery delivery, whatever Amazon prime pantry. It's just the most efficient. I should officiency. Yeah. That's what they should have called it. Okay. Feed them vinyl story to ever say came up with the word Amazon. It's it's amazing. Amazing. I don't think I don't know if I was starting to just like the rope pick a bunch of one word out of a bowl swords. No. It's like, okay. If I was starting a technology that was great for like, medical, whatever. I would call it like. Feet up. You know, like you just put were letters together. Yeah. I'm having who lots now about your new tour because now I'm thinking like chains. I'm thinking breaker of chains start Aryan. Okay. So maybe like an evening, cloudy ashtray mother of THEO purveyor of chains. See we're just rebranding though. It's not that evening with girl anymore. It's just cloudy, Autry, immature, cloudy, ashtray lied. I'm we're trying to explain who you are. Maybe just mother if the what nobody wants me the name of the tour mother purveyor of chains come sort of chains explorer of chains. Ooh. That's good. But I want the name of the tour to be the chain thing. Okay. And all across America trying America. It's done at drive ins and dives. Like, maybe like the chain addition to chains like all chains. Right. But is that is that conveying? The message. No prior someone having seen this episode. It's too subtle. Like the great American food tour. Okay. I'm trying to think. Now, I'm stuck on it chains the brains. Claudio shay..

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