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Cool with a strong chance of storms today and a flood watch. Our forecast is coming up an officer involved shooting involving in naked man in Edmond. Jim Forsyth reports police Edmund say they fatally shot the man after chasing him into a house that happened yesterday. After two women ran to a neighbor's home where one of the women said her boyfriend had assaulted her witnesses said they saw the man stripping off his clothes as he ran down the street. Officers chased the man until he forced his way inside a house and they used to stun gun but failed to get the mand under control. They shot him. During a struggle Hugo residents, one answers in last week's officer involved shooting that hurt an armed robbery suspect and three children who were in his car. Twenty one year old William devan Smith was wanted for armed robbery at a pizza restaurant. The three children are ages five four and one the residents demonstrated yesterday demanding police videos of the shooting and released to the. Public of a report on that shooting. A man who led authorities on a chase reaching speeds of one hundred ten miles an hour through mogayon creek counties captured and jail. Authorities say Blake spring was booked on complaints of threatening to perform an act of violence. Eluding assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Failing to stop for a roadblock using a firearm in the commission of a felony in discharging a firearm into dwelling it happened Sunday after springs wife called nine one one in reported. Her husband came home drunk threatened to kill her and their children, then started firing guns in their home. She fled with the children and he took off in his truck. Authorities say spring constant AR fifteen and and semi automatic shotgun out of the window that chase came to an end in creek county after spring recognized one of the deputies chasing him and surrendered a measles update. Here's katya. Case Myers measles continues to spread in the United States. And an update on Monday. The CDC said that there have been seven hundred four cases reported so far. This year in twenty two states. There have been no cases reported this year in Oklahoma. There have also been no deaths reported nationwide. The CDC says this year's count includes forty four people who caught the disease while travelling in another country, and then they came back and some of them trigger US outbreaks mostly among unvaccinated people a state budget release yesterday. I House Democrats calls for a twelve hundred dollar pay raise for teachers and support staff a state employee pay race and expanding Medicaid. We feel it's very important to show what our priorities are. And frankly to push the majority to fund core services at the level that they've promised house minority leader, Emily virgin says the budget would be funded by a tax increase on high income Oklahomans the budget also calls for extra funding for higher Ed career tech and OAT ta a new study by the national Education Association ranks Oklahoma, teachers salaries at thirty fourth highest in the nation. It's an improvement from forty ninth. Because of last year's teacher pay raise. The study says the median income for an Oklahoma educator is fifty two thousand four hundred twelve dollars including retirement and health care premiums. That's a thirteen point.

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