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Oklahoma's first News Radio one thousand eight t. Okay. Good morning Leigh Matthews at American tourists. That was in Uganda and had been kidnapped has been released. Michael Bauer was this a rescue or a release? Released at this point. Chapters did release unharmed return, unharmed, Fifty-six-year-old Kim's, southern California, and at her tour guide who had both been partaking in five days earlier, a sunset safari. She Kim's herself a businesswoman out of southern California hadn't been burned tire life wanting to go on safari finally got the ability to do so with on a sunset safari in Uganda. When she the tour guide and two other elderly Canadian couple when they were all out in got stopped by gunmen while they were in the Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda. They were stopped the gunman release the elderly couple sent them off. But then took Kim Soo Endicott and her tour guide and held them hostage for five days as soon as they got them separated. She they pulled the cell phone from the woman kittens Kim's Endicott called Ugandan officials until they were looking for five hundred thousand dollars in regards to the return, you got an official similar to the US don't negotiate when it comes to terrorists or people holding others hostage. They don't. Want to pay a ransom and then have more money. So that those same people can go back and sees more people. So they said the US also said, no, they weren't going to pay that money, but the third time's a charm here. Right. So you actually had according to what we're hearing today, the safari company the group, the this the people were traveling with called wild frontiers of eight fronted the ransom now it's unclear if it was the full five hundred thousand dollar ransom, or if it was less if it came to some sort of negotiation. Also, right now seems to be unclear who the kidnappers are it seems that this deal was all sort of done under the table. If you will without a knowledge of or ability to to trace, these individuals who is getting the money, the safari company making the payment and us you last night yesterday afternoon, our time you saw this woman get back to camp without any problems healthy safe as well as her safari guide, also healthy and safe, and at least at this point no indication as to who it the kidnapping. So they didn't have to. Go to a hospital for observation or no bruising, or or torture is apparent. They said there was none of that. They were indicating that they were held captive at gunpoint. But that was really the extent of what happened to them over the five day time frame. It does seem according to you that this was all about a looking to get that ransom money that was all came down to sue certain extent. And again, if the safari company wasn't the group that pay that off then it would seem as though I mean, listen, I I'm I'm shocked at anybody that this actually went down this way, and that you didn't end up with a couple of dead bodies that were tossed out by this group of terrorists on some level. But you're seeing this happen in in such a way that this woman was safe sound as was the tour guide, no issues whatsoever. And at least, according to reports, they probably had somebody looking at them on a health level and make sure they were. Okay. But no indication that they had to be rushed to any kind of hospital with any apparent issues. I wonder if this will be detrimental to this tour company because I mean, first of all I don't want to go. The dark continent at all. There's too much instability over there. But there are a lot of people who do and pay lots of money to go and do it. I'm wondering if this this tourism industry is going to be hurt because of this because they're from now on it seems to me they're gonna be targets because they've they've they've clearly decided to say, yeah, we'll pay. Sure. And that's the message coming from our secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, saying okay, listen now that this has happened. These people think that they can seize more people get more money, and and even white there forget, you know, in other portions of the globe. But certainly right there with that group in in its specific will be able to now feel like they feel like they got what they wanted. They can get more. If they have more people that can get more money, and and so on and so forth, and that begins that process of just the business of kidnapping if you will. So that's got to be a concern going forward here. And I would imagine people who were thinking about going to safari on some level would have to consider that. I know for personally, my wife is the wanting since she was a little girl to go on safari been the one fighting now. Hold on a second look at what's happening here. If we go who really the only way we're going to be able to goes if we're twenty years older than the person on tours uh so that they get kidnapped. We can get sent back. But that's the only way that it looks like a safe bet for us. Well, I don't want to go anywhere where you have to have a typhoid shot. I. Thank you, exactly. So what is next now will she get to come home? Will she be debriefed by the department of state? Do we know? This point unclear. I imagine there's going to be some debris thing I'm not sure they'd sounded like she was able to go about her continued vacation if you will. Although if it were me, I couldn't wait to get back home to the home, and certainly my own country. That said, I imagine that's probably next line. And then from there, it's sort of the investigative process. You've gotta try to find out and Uganda. Okay. Was this the safari company that paid off the abductors how much was it where did that money? Go. Can we trace these people can we find out who these individuals work did the kidnapping were they part of a bigger group all those kinds of things. Uganda clearly stating here, and they want to make this as clear as possible they're saying that this is a one off that this doesn't happen usually in Uganda that for all intents and purposes, this was an unprecedented element. They went back incited nineteen ninety nine some twenty years ago was the last time similar incident happened in that had more to do with the rebels coming from the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo of. But they have one point four million tourists, according to their own numbers every single year. Visit Uganda and they have not. Run into a situation like this for twenty years. And I don't think I think this is this is a precursor of what is to come Michael Bauer. But thank you for the update on NewsRadio one thousand k t o k it's Leigh Matthews and Oklahoma's.

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