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Submissions are like protocol and awkwardness around being cared up with random people and now with us either playing all the time together around New York. It's it's usually like you can fill out a foursome with your body's now like I haven't done that are really long time either and it's it's Kinda miss it a little bit as like. That's how you got started the game and those around. I would go play by myself like I was talking about. It's like you get paired up with two random dudes or out there after work in the first couple of holes. You don't really talk much. I'm like rigs whatever and then by the third hole there like if they were like we'd guys they're fucking is like. Oh Yeah you WANNA WANNA hit this with us like drake in the end of it. You know these guys are really well or you can't spend two fucking hours when people when like not know him pretty well and offer for four hours or whatever. It is so So yeah it's a IT'S A. It's an interesting golf that I do feel like we haven't experienced. I got many responses from people talking about smoking on the golf course episode. I got the whole range of people being like. I don't play around golf without smoke in two or three joints and I also got the people who were closer to my level where they were like if I smoke even a little bit. I'm scared to touch the ball. So that was a lot of people. Were talking about a lot of people. Apparently do smoke on the course which is not surprising. I was just gonNA videos of people smoke on the course school. We were talking about like New Quarantine Chirps and like how you can say like. Oh your social distancing over there and the other fairway and someone said to which I thought was hilarious chart that he always uses he says That's a great shot for you and that one. Josh that reminds me David would save from From Shits Creek where it's like. That's a great shot for you. Sweetie Selo you like set in David's voice. Because that's the first thing I thought of two right. It's like it's just it? It hurts deep and I can't wait to use that like when someone like thinks they hit a good shot like navy they like chucked it up there towards the grains like I as a great shot for you buddy. Hope that over to me. We're like I'm better. I'm a better handicap than he is right now but he he still say they'll be like Oh. Yeah I shot to buy. That's good for you and you're like oh feels like a kidney shot in boxing just like it just completely debilitates. I can't just be good good for you. It's just good pupil shot and that score is just good right in the realm of. What's possible for you a golf course? That's good for you. That is just cut so fuck it. Deep every time Going back to your last point though rigs when you were Or we're talking about like getting up with random people. I play the other day with a buddy down here and we went to the starter and he was adamant that all to some play together however doing this whole corona thing as husband wife brought to kids now only the husband and wife were going to play golf with these two kids. Were going to just run around the golf course. I guess why they played and I was trying to avoid this like the plague. I was just like this is going to be a mess. And the kids are like six and eight and they're not gonNA play and they're just going to run around thank God the starter Like was maybe a hundred and fifty yards away from the actual I t box so we got up there in the families. Don't worry about it. Go players reduced rows. I think respect. Yeah right now. It's tough with a knife first couple of weeks here. I told a story about the old seven. Fucking eight year old couple. You're the you're the three twenty. We're going to join you and I was. Actually you know no with everything going on. You're not you'RE NOT GONNA we're not gonNA play together and their excuse us. I mean I've been a fucking kill you if I have and I don't know it and you're ancient and your lungs are weak because they've been around for eighty years. You'RE GONNA die that's not. I don't want that to be my fault. So now we're not off together but it's hard to explain to be because everybody a bad time everybody to taken the krona way differently in different different levels of seriousness. We are coming from New York City where I was like. You can't touch anybody So yeah it is. You gotta use the Carone to your advantage in that you could be like. There's no way we could get paired apathy about where that person's from and reality like I don't WanNa fucking play with any real directly on the way. I didn't golf today or yesterday and I'm not quitting the podcast here. Stick your work hailing. It was hailing here yesterday. And there's Tornado. Warnings was nuts. Yeah he has got another violent storm. Yup Oh big time big time it was crazy dude like it came out of nowhere sixty seventy mile an hour winds sounded like my roof was. GonNa come off. And those hailing like crazy. My Dad took this video from Borelli's like he was like it was like whoo April April. Twenty First Two thousand twenty this and I was like. Are you on an Amusement Park Right? Or is the world ending like what is what is happening. The hell was coming into the restaurant. Flying in like a rapid pace. But your dad just get jacked up for like activities just happening from the gallery. Time from the gallery is sponsored by Scots. If your lawn has been looking crappy lately week thin grass weeds bugs common wear and tear from the elements. And you are breaking your back trying to keep your yard looking pristine you need to get Scotts turf. Builder trip. Blacks alert notice. You're doing some weird action with with if you're looking for a home side project yet. Scott skier I got all sorts of like seeds. Lawn dirt the whole business. So what I've been doing. I've got fresh tomatoes fresh rosemary. Steer me I got some SCOTS DIRT. All mixed around in their growth like crazy. However the thing I'm most proud about in this warranty life as little side. Projects using Scott's is that so I love scouting's loves Cowan's got some from the grocery store chop them up eight mall but they come with roots on the scallions. So let's just see if I can plant this thing and it will grow. The roots have taken in the lovely. Scott's dirt and it's growing so I'm getting new growth out of the scallions and I can't wait the sky in grew you eight fucker. Then you're back in the Scots in aggregate. Could your bro offer the best time I've been on my On my commute to the course in my golf cart usually go down just different roads. Because I want to see different houses. I saw the scout the other day I I noticed that like the houses how much better the house looks just based on the lawn and what a On that is the home could be significantly shittier but the person guy had a lawn. He's out there. Had a huge bag of the Scots and he had this right. Washes GREENLAW. Next to some schmuck. Who didn't was just. It was like when someone tries to do some Christmas lights and they just looked pathetic and the person next to you know it looks like they're the fucking North Pole and it's like. It's such a stark. Contrast House looked amazing. He's out there with Scott's gave him like a little a little like woo I can little Frankie will relish obviously twenty first twenty twenty two he. No he didn't know I was a big scotts turf. Builder Watch your auditors. Like why is that Guy Screaming at me But the point is Scott's GonNa give you thicker healthier greener grass. It's going to be less work for you. Beautiful Greengrass doesn't have to stop once. You've left golf course. You can build your own private shipping paradise. Thanks the SCOTTS TURF. Builder Triple Action Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action. This is the time to do it. This is the time to take care of your lawn of your home of the landscape around. Your place. Scotts to build a triple action. You got this. I think the next time I see a patch of grass videos of the dogs who haven't been outside for a while you're on a roll around in it and they put their nose in the grass. That's going to be the next time. I see Scots Law and grass. Because I just need to see. Green `grats maybe. The biggest contrast in a neighborhood is what rigs is talking about when you go house to house and like the guy has the perfect grass. That's mode perfectly beautifully green and then there's no fence or anything but the yard stops and then the other one starts and it's just like gay. It's crabgrass it's like it's grown at different lengths. It's Ashby you're like you're like that guy's jobs amass. He doesn't have his marriage is falling apart. Everything about that Guy. By the way Frankie just put up a picture and I saw earlier. Gary Player retweeted. It was winning now making me Mad Gary Player. It's a whole areas picture. Yao Ming standing next to anybody is funny. But we have met Mr Gary Player and he is on the shorter end so him and Yao Ming just hilarious out Campi real. That can't be real picture photoshop. No it's I know it's real but it does. It looked it. Looks like like honey kids. I mean giving player looks. He's to me Yomas belt. Yao-ming is a fucking monster for a long time on Barcelo sports dot com at a blog series where it would just be. Yao Ming standing next to somebody and like anytime Yao. Ming took a picture. Here'S THE ALUMINIUM. Stay next to Shaquille O'Neal and shacks looking up out. It's really really something you should blog. That picture. Gary I think I will bring that back stated Gary Player's house at the masters. I didn't do that for me. The head I was meeting rigs that feels now. That feels like ten years ago. But that's definitely thing we did. We first got there. We finally found the right house which was a nightmare. And then once we found it we a guy let us inside was like hey guys gotta be. Pretty quiet. So you don't Wake Mr Gary Player because you sleep Yup and then the first time we actually met him he was just having a snack in the kitchen he loves berries crushes berries berries. They're so good for a seventies keeps them fitting. That's always Mr Gary Player. Davis says is there a Max number of balls in the baggage player is allowed to have any PGA tour around? How many balls would you need in your bag to make it through a.

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